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We are a family run organisation both in Australia and Ghana. Our amazing life changing cultural tours and volunteering programmes to Ghana give people an opportunity to get amongst the community in a capacity that suites their needs and interests. 

We give people an opportunity to see the real Ghana and emerse themselves into the Ghana way of life.  Sister (our mother) has been also cooking for many years for children's schools and the community will have your taste buds salivating for more traditional dishes.  Also our family house currently under construction is a stone through away from Kakum National Park and just 15 minutes from Cape Coast Castle.  Our family will have you feeling comfortable and relaxed at or family 

Ghana is in the West of Africa it is a small country 239,460 sq km slightly smaller than UK, with a population of 25,241,998 (2012 est.). It has many languages with the official being English. It has around 57.9% literacy (2000est.). Its monetary unit is Cedi. Religions are Christian 63%, Muslim 16% and Indigenous 21%.

Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and the people are warm, friendly and helpful to foreign tourists.

We would love to show you part of this beautiful country and be more than happy to help you volunteer in various community projects or just immerse yourself in this wonderful, peaceful country.

Please see our Tours Page and Volunteer Programme Page.

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