Free Automated Tarot Readings

I'm sure everyone has seen those little ad banners with "Free Tarot Readings", come find out your future.  While nothing can replace a face to face reading some automated sites aren't so bad.  I use them myself.  Like I've said before it's damn near impossible to read for yourself and sometimes I too have burning questions to ask.  So enjoy and remember the underlying principle behind the automated sites is to use some of your focus and energy to provide short term answers.   Have fun with it!

Facade - Has been around since the early 90's and has automated Tarot Readings, I-Ching, Runes, Yes-No answers and and a bunch of other cool stuff  to pass the catatonic day at work. 

Timeless Tarot by Leila Vey - Provides both face to face and automated readings.  The cards are absolutely beautiful so if you resonate with them go ahead and get a deck! - Ok so this site is not completely free but if you have a loose idea of the interpretations you can get the reading without purchasing the karma coins the site uses for the meanings and analysis.  They also provide I Ching, Astrology, and Numerology.

Lotus Tarot - I really like this site.  At first glance it appears simple and not worth the effort to register but the meanings are well thought out and easy to explain and you get a feeling of honesty and integrity from the site owner and reader.

Annikin Divination Systems - Man they are like the tarot-copia of online readings.  They have just about every possible spread in all manner of divination you could dream up. 

New Age Store - Another very neat site.  They are kind of like Facade but have a somewhat softer feel in addition to Cartomacy readings which are similar to tarot but has less cards.   They also have the option to save your readings to gauge the accuracy.

Full Moon Dreams - This site does not have a multitude of Tarot Spreads (only has a one card spread), or cool interactive flash programs but what it lacks in website bells and whistles it makes up in the cards.  If I were ever asked for the deck that most resembles the meanings (spot on) of each tarot card I would say to view all the cards from the Full Moon Dreams deck.  It is so beautiful and currently out of print.  I did receive an email that she's working on the second edition so fingers crossed I get to snag a copy.

Hollywood Tarot - What a fun fun site!  It looks like a 16 bit space invaders game at first look.  They use movie stars as card interpretations and it does a pretty accurate job of summing a situation up.  There are only a couple of spreads but if you don't leave the site with a smile then something is wrong with your funny bone. 

HRIH Divinations - Ohhh la la.  This site is completely in a black background and when you click on a spread a pop up will appear asking for the user name and password (both supplied by the website).  I am not a fan of the Thoth Tarot deck.  It confuses me to no end and I have trouble ascertaining what's going on in the pictures.  But this site has great explanations for the cards and gives a wealth of information.  You might just be surprised.

Matrix Oracles - Coolness personified.  A very straight forward site on the surface.  The owner creates software for everything from Microsoft to Astrology.  Has a lot of interesting gadgets, have a look see!

The Mystic Eye - I'm not sure who they buried to get rights to use certain Tarot decks for the free readings but it sure was worth it.   Even how the readings are presented are beautiful.  Be warned that you have to register but I promise its painless and quick.