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This year, instead of conventional practice-based homework, we will be 'flipping' the classroom model around somewhat. We want students to do their practice in the guided environment of the classroom, collaborating with their teammates to critically think and problem solve. To take the place of what would traditionally be homework, students will be engaging in reflection on their learning outside of class. The reflective writings will come in two forms: short, focused, daily prompts answered via Twitter or email (the #Tweet180Project) and reflective learning blogs. 

Students will have a Blogger blog using their Google Account and create an entry each week. The blog entries will be reflections on what they learned during the previous week, and the blog entries are due by Monday morning of each week before school at 8:00AM. The blogs are not just a set of "essay questions" to be answered, but in fact an original reflection (like a journal entry) of what was meaningful to the student during the week. Blog entries will also serve as a study resource for students later on, and they will be a digital portfolio of learning throughout the year. The scoring rubric is available for view at the bottom of this page.

Blog entries should meet the following criteria:
  • Be approximately 500-750 words (about 1 single-spaced page)
  • Can include pictures and/or video from lessons in class, experiments, data, or related media to content learned in class
  • Should include hyperlinks (URLs) to relevant websites or online content to relate to what they are writing about
  • Should be written in first person with correct grammar and spelling - think college essay effort level
Blog entries can center around, but are not limited to, the following focus points:
  • What were the main ideas we learned this past week?
  • How do the main ideas go together or connect?
  • What were some of the important details to the main ideas?
  • What activities or experiments did we do that went along with these ideas?
  • How did we come to know and understand the ideas we learned this week?
  • What questions do I still have about what I learned this week?
  • How was my participation in the learning process this week?
  • How would I rate my understanding of all the ideas from class this week?
  • What do I still need to work on more?

Instructions for creating a Blogger account, blog for class, & new post are provided in the following steps below: 

1) Login to Blogger

2) Create a new blog, using a Blogger Profile, or enter your blog if already created

3) To create a new blog, you'll need a title, web address, and template 

4) Enter your blog to create a new post
5) Create a new post for the week of reflection for class (TeamPhysics or ChemT3am)

6) Write your post, save/close it to return later to edit it more; and publish when done

7) Once published, you'll return to your blog dashboard and then view your blog

8) When viewing your live blog, copy the URL and send to Mr. Abud on twitter or email

Mr. Abud,
Feb 16, 2013, 8:06 AM