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Chem Tech

This page will contain information relating to the technology used in class.  
Links to resources/apps for classroom technology and some tutorials will be provided.

How to subscribe to the class calendar and sync it to an iOS device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) 
Step-by-step instructions with screenshots - click play to navigate through the instructions.

Written directions and the URL to subscribe to this class calendar can be found in the following document:

Adding the ChemTeam Calendar to Your Google Calendar

List of essential applications:
Students can download the following apps to their mobile device. They are all free. Each app works to help students stay organized, be in communication, collaborate, or take part in activities in class. Most of these apps are also accessible from any web browser. A device is not a requirement of this course; however, optional use of devices in class will be taken leveraged to show students productive uses of their devices as learning resources.