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Second Hand School Equipment

second hand school equipment
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second hand school equipment - Sony M-470
Sony M-470 Microcassette Voice Recorder
Sony M-470 Microcassette Voice Recorder
Microcassette Dictation Recorder Model M470 with Built-In Microphone. Tape Counter. LED Battery Indicator. End-of-Tape/No Cassette Warning. Size-2-1/2w x 1d x 4-5/8h. Weight-3. 5 oz (with batteries). Batteries Required-2 AA, Included. Cassette Included-One 90-minute. AC Adapter-SONACE30A, sold separately. Optional Headset-SONDE45, sold separately. Includes variable speed playback, one-touch record, quick record/quick review, earphone jack, cue and review, built-in microphone and manufacturer's one-year warranty.

Ideal for recording lectures and presentations, Sony's M-470 Microcassette Recorder is an affordable personal recording device. It is small and compact with a built-in microphone and speaker for easy review and playback. Recording is easy with the one-touch button, and the cue and review slide control makes fast forwarding and rewinding a breeze. Your samples and audio notes will always sound great with Sony-Matic automatic recording level control. This function takes advantage of advanced circuitry to ensure correct recording levels, and the Clear Voice function improves recording quality by enhancing voice sounds during recording and playback.
This microcassette recorder also features an earphone output for private listening. The two-speed record/playback (1.2 or 2.4 centimeter per second) gives you the option of recording on a standard microcassette for twice its normal time. This is great for extended dictation or personal audio note taking. Powered by two AAA batteries or an AC adaptor, the M-470 is easy to use and perfect for students and professionals.
What's in the Box
M-470 micro cassette recorder, one microcassette, and two AAA batteries.

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SoReal Cru @ Independence High
SoReal Cru @ Independence High
I was just looking at some old files and I found this from the beginning of the school year. Hmf, junior year is halfway done and I can't believe how fast it is going. Ahg! I was sitting next to some middle school girls the other day at Denny's and they were talking about Piedmont Middle School (the middle school I went to) and I'm guessing they were eighth graders. I kept over hearing them talk about how highschool is going to be "awesome" with all the "dances" and "boys." All I could think was, "you haave nooo clue what you're getting into." I mean seriously, highschool boys are not all that and highschool dances are boooring (most of the time.) Don't get me wrong, highschool is pretty fun, I mean cmon, who gets to see SoRealCru and SupremeSoul all in one week? It's not everyday that all of these oppurtunities are handed to you. But because of these perks, highschool has become very hard lately. Not only do we have to deal with all the school work and AP load, we have to deal with the fact that our budget is being cut. Rumors say that we might have longer days and shorter weeks. Yes, it sounds pretty good but that also means no afterschool activites. No clubs, no sports, no band, nothing. School is stressful enough, especially for us highschoolers. We were promised the "time of our lives," but honestly... tell me how that will be given to us with all these budget cuts?! Ah, it drives me insane that the goverment spends so much money trying to get us "fit" with all the excercise equipment and stuff when all we really want is a good education and a fair chance at getting into a good college/university with a hell of a story to tell. If it were up to me, the $10,000 that is given to the "winning" school in the "Governor's Challenge" is a waste of money. Honestly, you don't even have to exercise... just get on the computer (like we always do) and click a few days on the calendar. Also, the equipment given to the schools are not even used.. I mean seriously.. 40-50 treadmills? Who's gna use that? We already have a track. Instead of being used, it's put in a small classroom. This means some teacher was kicked out of his/her classroom to accomodate the treadmills and for what? Nothing. Now what? The government closed down our planetarium and is firing some of our best teachers. Tell me how that's gna help us. I don't understand why they never ask the students for their opinion. Who's taking the classes? Who's using the equipments? Who's benefiting from the afterschool programs? Us. The students. But we're never asked for our input. I'm tired of taking academic classes with uninnspiring lazy teachers who just tell us to "read the book and answer questions" while they sit in front of their computer doing who knows what while eating their hearts out in a "no eating classroom." And when we're done with the work, what happens? Nothing, he/she collects it so they can "correct" it. But a few months later, after all of the tests and quizzes, you'll get it back realizing that half of it was wrong but it's too late cos you already took the quizzes and failed them. Or worse: you don't get it back becuase they "never recieved it" when it was really because they lost it. Sometimes there are classes where the teacher doesn't even do anything. Like nothing! except for eating while his/her students sit there wasting their life away.. for what? I could do that at home! And for the really driven students.. I know you've all dealt with this one way or another. Counselors suck! Well not all of them but there is a handful who just don't listen period! Ugh. Aren't they suppose to be helping us take the best classes for us so we can be successful?! I hate how those students who don't even show in school half the time get the number one choice when it comes to classes. Why?! They don't show up anyway! They say that those students need more attention than others so they spoil them by letting them pick their desired classes and giving them second chances and driving them to their classes so that "they will have a reason to go to school, not be late" and etc. Why do they get rewarded for not going to school when there are others who are there everyday and actually care about their grades? I'd kill for that second chance to get my B+ off my report card and have another chance to get straight A's and be a valedictorian. But will I ever be given that chance? NO. But I see people who don't go to school for a whole semester and with a little negotiating with their counselors, their truancies/F's will be erased from their record if they start showing up for a certain period of time. I think that's sooo pointless. School is supposed to open many opportunities for us but how will they ever be able to do that if they don't pay attention to the rest of u
Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 MK II
Olympus Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 MK II
High Grade (HG) lens in standard zoom range. It takes 67mm filters. Standard issue tulip type lens hood is ridged inside to fight against glare. Signature Olympus blue-and-silver band is present with glossy finish and silver band portion is textured. At time of writing, the street price is around $520. This is the second version of the lens. It adds High Speed Imager AF feature to add speed to CDAF (contract detect autofocus, which is used when you focus with LCD screen instead of optical viewfinder). High Speed Imager AF also allows LiveView focus without flipping the mirror while in evaluation mode on your LCD. It will flip the mirror only when you take the actual shot. The focus is not silent but acceptable. It uses Olympus's typical focus-by-wire, which you cannot manually override while you are on autofocus mode simply by turning the focus wheel. It is electronically controlled, so you must turn on the camera before focus wheel would work. It is an internal and floating focus lens. While it does not extend when focus, but will extend somewhat (30%+ of the length) when zoom out. The lens is at its shortest at 14mm. Additional difference between this lens and original Mark I version is improved aperture blades design. It now features 7 circular blades for round light sphere in the bokeh area. If you care about bokeh quality this is much better than its predecessor. All HG and higher grade lenses have standard feature of weather proof and focus distance meter. All metal lens barrel body construction, including lens mount, with fiber glass reinforced plastic coating outside. Made in Japan. Since I own this particular lens and used it extensively (for as long as I own my Olympus E-620), I will make some personal opinion on this lens. This lens works very well for its price, and High Speed Imager AF works very fast when you use LiveView a lot. Not a problem for me personally but focus-by-wire is one of the most criticized features of Olympus lens. After a prolong period of using it, personally I think it works fine as it allows finer focusing steps (50mm macro for example, from minimum focus distance to infinite requires two full revolutions of the wheel and allows accurate fine focus, crucial to macro). However, if you are one of the old school shooters who like tactile feedback from their lenses, you are out of luck. You can continue to turn the wheel even at each end of focus range and it does not feel tightened (it is equally smooth and dampened so you cannot feel the focus range simply by feel). Vignette is moderate at wider end and you can observe it when you use larger apertures (smaller f-number). It is typical of ultra wide angle, but it should be noted. Bokeh quality is very nice. Higher end lenses may not even have such pleasing bokeh. Contrast of the lens is acceptable especially if you are shooting RAW and use default processing under Lightroom. The color is not as saturated when compared with an Olympus SHG or Zuiko 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 SWD, but the performance from this lens is very satisfactory at its price. While it is not as sharp as other Zuiko lenses I have used over the years, but sharpness is Olympus's forte, so you will not get embarrased by it, even with a lens of this price range. Typical of Olympus lenses, this lens's built quality is very high. It is a light weight lens (in its class) but it does not feel cheap. Actually it feels very solid in hand and balance very well with E-620. Length of the barrel will cast a shadown when you use built-in flash, especially when the lens hood is on. Keep this in mind when you compose. Chromatic aberration is very well controlled for a lens in ultra wide angle range. Nothing out of hand. Glare performance is very well (always use the lens hood). Most of the time I noticed the glare can be lessened when UV filter is removed (if you used a UV filter). It uses 67mm filter thread, so you can share filters with Zuiko 50-200mm. Specification (from Olympus website): Focal Length: 14-54mm (28-108mm in 35mm equiv.) Maximum Aperture: f2.8 (14mm) - f3.5 (54mm) Minimum Aperture: f22 Closest Focusing Distance: 0.22m (8.66 inch) Dimensions: Diameter: 74.5mm (2.93 inch) Length: 88.5mm (3.48 inch) Weight: 440g (15.5 oz) Filter Size: 67mm Auto Focus: High Speed Imager AF Maximum Magnification: 0.26x ( 0.52x 35mm Equivalent) Lens construction: 15 Elements in 11 groups. Including 3 Aspherical lenses Number of Blades: 7 (Circular Aperture Diaphragm) Angle of View: 75-23 degree Compatible with telephoto converters (EC-14 and EC-20) with AF. Compatible with macro extension tube (EX-25) at 54mm and MF only.

second hand school equipment
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