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Fisher Stereo Equipment

fisher stereo equipment
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  • stereophonic: designating sound transmission from two sources through two channels
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fisher stereo equipment - Instant Surround
Instant Surround Sound (Instant Series)
Instant Surround Sound (Instant Series)
* The V.A.S.S.T. Instant Series features a visually oriented, step-by-step instructional style that effectively guides readers through complex processes. * Surround sound is rapidly displacing stereophonic sound as the accepted standard. * This low-price-point book is an easy buy to provide the reader a foundation in the technology that will serve them regardless of the software they chose. Instant Surround Sound demystifies the multichannel process for both musical and visual environments. This comprehensive resource teaches techniques for mixing and encoding for surround sound. It is packed with tips and tricks that help the reader to avoid the most common (and uncommon) pitfalls. This is the fifth title in the new V.A.S.S.T. Instant Series.

Music and visual producers can enhance the listening experience and engage their audience more effectively with the improved perceptive involvement of surround sound.

Record, process, and deliver effective and stunning surround sound to your listener with the aid of this guide. Packed with useful, accessible information for novice and experienced users alike, you get carefully detailed screenshots, step-by-step directions, and creative suggestions for producing better audio projects.

Topics include:

· Evolution of surround sound-including a discussion of matrix and discrete formats and the related compression codes

· Recording-equipment and techniques to achieve the volume and placement that will immerse the listener in a unique aural environment

· Post-production hardware and software set-up of the surround sound desktop environment

· Channel management-the lowdown on LFE and center channels, and the upshot on downmixing

· Music surround mixing-adding effects and artificial ambience to the multi-track parts to craft a cohesive surround sound music mix

· Audio post-crafting an effective surround sound mix to accompany your videos with dialog, sound effects, sound design, Foley, and music resources

· Exporting files-encoding with separate, stand-alone software and encode options that may be built in to your authoring software

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Fisher Investments – Trading Room
Fisher Investments – Trading Room
Fisher Investments has a dedicated Trading Department that oversees the trades of all Fisher Investments Private Client Group and Fisher Investments Institutional client portfolios. Here you see a trader at a Bloomberg terminal.
Aladins book case...
Aladins book case...
The Best (Strongest) bookcase in the world, which incidentally contains no books, this is part of my collection of vintage electrical equipment (old crap)

fisher stereo equipment
fisher stereo equipment
Profiting from Your Music and Sound Project Studio
PROFITING FROM YOUR MUSIC AND SOUND PROJECT STUDIO provides the definitive approach to establishing, promoting, managing, and succeeding with a professional music and sound project studio. Based on interviews with dozens of studio owners, meticulous research into the burgeoning field, and Jeffrey P. Fisher’s fifteen-plus years’ experience working in the industry, this indispensable resource delivers proven advice based on the real world of project studio recording.
This invaluable reference tool tells you how to
* evaluate the market to better plan and promote your products and services
* tap into new moneymaking markets
* use the Internet for long-distance collaboration
* learn to create high-impact promotional material
* develop the proper mental attitude to carry out your vision

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