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equipment rental milwaukee
    equipment rental
  • means a service establishment that may offer a wide variety of household and business equipment, furniture, and materials for rental. Does not include construction equipment rental, which is separately defined.
  • Milwaukee ) is the largest city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, the 26th most populous city in the United States and 39th most populous region in the United States. It is the county seat of Milwaukee County and is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan.
  • Milwaukee Intermodal Station is a train and bus station in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin served by Amtrak and several intercity motorcoach operators, including Coach USA, Greyhound Lines, Jefferson Lines, Indian Trails, and Lamers. Megabus stops on Fifth Street near the station.
  • largest city of Wisconsin; located in southeastern Wisconsin on the western shore of Lake Michigan; a flourishing agricultural center known for its breweries
  • An industrial port and city in southeastern Wisconsin, on the western shore of Lake Michigan; pop. 596,974. It is noted for its brewing industry and is an important port on the St. Lawrence Seaway
equipment rental milwaukee - Milwaukee 6536-21
Milwaukee 6536-21 Super Sawzall 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw
Milwaukee 6536-21 Super Sawzall 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw
13A, Orbital Super Sawzall, Quick-Lok Blade Clamp, 0-3000 SPM, 1-1/4" Blade Stroke, Counter Balanced For Smooth Operation, Gear Protecting Clutch, Includes Impact Resistant Carrying Case.

About this Sawzall Model
The Orbital Super Sawzall reciprocating saw from Milwaukee has a high-powered 13 amp motor that provides fast, efficient orbital cutting action. Its variable speed trigger provides 0-3,000 spm, at a 1-1/4-inch stroke. This model has a counter-balanced design that gives you exceptionally smooth operation with less vibration to throw off your precision.
The 6536-21 is packed with features that make it powerful, versatile, and convenient to use. Its gear protecting clutch permits the saw to withstand impacts, which will make your tool last longer, even with a few accidental drops or kicks in the workshop. The Quik-Lok blade clamp provides fast and easy blade changes for less downtime between tasks.
This Sawzall kit comes complete with two Super Sawzall blades and a handy carrying case to keep it all together and organized.
The 6536-21 is the perfect choice for any task that requires a reciprocating saw; and depending on your Sawzall blade choice, you'll find that it cuts easily through wood and plastics, metal, pipes, and even wood with nails in it.
Choosing a Sawzall Blade
When selecting a Sawzall blade, first consider your project. Each Sawzall blade style has a series of icons on its packaging -- and these icons demonstrate the materials which the blades are best-suited to cut. There's a separate icon for a variety of materials, including wood, plastics, wood with nails, and metal.

Next, decide on the proper blade shape to suit your project. Sloped blades are best for plunge cutting, straight blades are ideal for edge cutting, and scroll blades are used for cutting curved or circular shapes.

Finally, be sure to pick a blade with the proper Teeth Per Inch (TPI). See the chart below for more information.

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Last day all Milwaukee Rd men to say good Bye to Mike Bihun 42 years of service
Last day all Milwaukee Rd men to say good Bye to Mike Bihun 42 years of service
Mike Bihun last run did not go unnoticed as his fellow ex-Milwaukee Road employees who turned out in force to celebrate the occasion and say good-bye to there longtime friend Mike in Elgin .I had all these Metra Milwaukee employees [some retired] pose .One former Metra -Milwaukee Rd employee John Gieske came in from Az ,for the occasion.Three conductor's had there Milwaukee suits on for the occasion
The Milwaukee Road 33C.
The Milwaukee Road 33C.
The 33-C, E9A, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1956, #21608, as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 203-C, Class 24E-P6. It was renumbered 33-C in 1959 and sold to North Suburban Mass Transit District as 33-C in December 1973. It is now being restored by the IRM as Milwaukee Road 33-C.

equipment rental milwaukee
equipment rental milwaukee
Wireless Waterproof Snake Plumbing Sewer Inspection Camera with 2.5 TFT-LCD Color removeable LCD Monitor "
This innovative new inspection tool with super-bright LED, the lightweight, handheld design helps you easily find, diagnose, and solve problems quickly. The unique wireless feature allows you to place the camera where you need it and the monitor where you can see it....!!
Usage Samples:
Checking for internal leaks around chimney flashing.
Reading the Model number off a furnace fan motor.
Retrieve a screw lost under the refrigerator.
Checking the teeth on a kitchen garbage disposal.
Reading the Service tag on a hard-to-reach rearplate of a server.
Inspecting inside of 2" heat exchanger tubes (boiler)
Examining AC coils in a residential furnace.
Finding Romex installed in a closed wall cavity.
Exploring the insides of a VCR.
Checking Cold Air Return for debris.
Checking for Lint Buildup past the primary filter in a dryer.
Checking sink connections in a crowded sink space.
Checking the gas connections under an installed stove.
Camera specifications:
* Image Sensor: CMOS
* Total Pixels: 704576 (PAL); 712486(NTSC)
* Horizontal View Angle: 50 degree
* Transmission Frequency: 2468MHz
* Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux
* Modulation Type: FM
* Bandwidth: 25MHz
* Power Supply: 4 x AA
* Dimensions (W x D x H): 186 x 145 x 41(mm) (Exclude Flexible Tube)
* Weight(about): 530g
Monitor parameters:
* LCD Screen Type: 2.36?TFT-LCD
* Effective Pixels: 480 x 240
* Video System: PAL/NTSC
* Transmission Frequency: 2468MHz
* Consumption Current (Max): 450mA
* Video Output Level: 0.9-1.3VP-P@75ohm
* Dimensions (W x D x H): 100 x 70x 30(mm)
* Weight(About): 140g
Operating Temperature: -10C to +50 C/+14F to +122F
Operating Humidity (Max.): 15 to 85%RH

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