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Replacement Boat Carpet

replacement boat carpet
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replacement boat carpet - Joy Carpets
Joy Carpets Row Your Boat Kids Area Rug Size - 3 ft 10 in x 5 ft 4 in
Joy Carpets Row Your Boat Kids Area Rug Size - 3 ft 10 in x 5 ft 4 in
10-year wear warrantyLifetime antistatic protection2-ply heat set yarnIndoor air quality certifiedLifetime soil and stain protectionHigh fiber densityResidential and commercial trafficClass I flammability ratingHow to care for your rug: We recommend cleaning with CaptureĀ®. (Available here. See below.) Dry extraction is the preferred method of cleaning. An absorbent compound (CaptureĀ® recommended) saturated with detergents and solvents is brushed in and around the fibers. The compound attaches to soil particles and both the particles and compound are then removed by vacuuming. For best cleaning results, always pre-vacuum and apply a pre-spray solution prior to cleaning. Never use soap, ammonia, automatic dishwashing detergent, washing soda, or any strong household cleaning agents intended for use on hard surfaces. Variety of sizes based on availability. 100-percent premium high-twist nylon. Rugged durability and premium-grade materials. Lifetime antimicrobial protection for added safety. Dreamy rowboat scene with a lighthouse. Tufted cut-pile construction.

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The "Studio"?
The "Studio"?
We have a large finished family room in the basement that doubles as my photography studio. It is often overrun with toys, but I occasionally manage to get everything put away. (This was not one of those days.) If I'm just doing table-top subjects then the clutter isn't really a problem. Anyway, this is my set up for last night's shoot with the big teddy bear. See the notes for details on what's hidden in this picture.
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replacement boat carpet
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