Hand Bouquet : Mothers Day Flowers.

Hand Bouquet

hand bouquet
  • an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
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  • Operated by or held in the hand
hand bouquet - Michal Negrin
Michal Negrin Heart Pendant with Roses Bouquet, Hand-painted Flower and Blue Swarovski Crystals - Very Feminine, Made in Israel
Michal Negrin Heart Pendant with Roses Bouquet, Hand-painted Flower and Blue Swarovski Crystals - Very Feminine, Made in Israel
Attractive pendant - designed by Michal Negrin from her silver coating collection. This pendant is well-crafted, with vintage picture, Swarovski crystals and hand-painted flower - hypoallergenic. The chain length is adjustable with 3 closing options: 14 inch; 16 inch and 18 inch. Pendant Measures 1 inch. This unique item has the Michal Negrin signature and comes to you in the original Michal Negrin gift box, along with the Michal Negrin card. All Michal Negrin jewelry carry a lifetime warranty, so they can be repaired any time. If any other jewelry you purchased from us need repair assistance - please let us know and will take care of them. Michal Negrin Collection is purchased by many well known celebrities!

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Hand Bouquet
Hand Bouquet
Digital Collage from crow quill pen and ink drawings on sketch paper.
hand tied bouquet
hand tied bouquet
Paula Pryke Flower School 2004 - hand-tied bouquet placed in a vase.

hand bouquet
hand bouquet
**DISCONTINUED**LOccitane Hand Cream Bouquet (6 x 1 oz Tubes)
L'Occitane Hand Cream Bouquet - Holiday 2010
Treat tired hands to the ultimate luxury with captivating scents from delicate and timeless flowers of Africa.

Hands are the most hardworking tool we have, and deserve protection and pampering with this range of hand creams to soothe, nourish, and comfort.
This set includes:
Fleur Cherie Hand Cream (Travel Size) 1 oz.
Shea Hand Cream (Travel Size) 1 oz.
Vanilla Hand Cream (Travel Size) 1 oz.
Winter Rose Hand Cream (Travel Size) 1 oz.
Lavender Hand Cream (Travel Size) 1 oz.
Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (Travel Size) 1 oz.
$60.00 Value!