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Cheap Flower Planters

cheap flower planters
  • (planter) a worker who puts or sets seeds or seedlings into the ground
  • A manager or owner of a plantation
  • A machine or person that plants seeds, bulbs, etc
  • (planter) a decorative pot for house plants
  • A decorative container in which plants are grown
  • (planter) the owner or manager of a plantation
  • Induce (a plant) to produce flowers
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  • Charging low prices

Look what survived the winter
Look what survived the winter
They live! Late last summer I picked up these flowers for a buck on late-season clearance. They bloomed for a few weeks and then died ... or so I thought. This spring I went to clean out the hanging planter and discovered fresh greenery and new buds. So I couldn't just KILL them. I pruned out the dead stuff, added a pair of gimpy daisies I found on the cheap (they were half dead), and babied the planter for the last month. Et voila! Everyone is healthy and blooming. I'm glad I went to the trouble.
Our Lady of the Instamatic Camera
Our Lady of the Instamatic Camera
Jarvenpaa church. The Finnish Lutheran church was a major patron of the architectural arts in the 20th century, with many great successes. This was not of them. The harsh, bleak concrete cube is only slightly enlivened by a bell tower possibly inspired by the flash cube of a cheap camera. The surrounding spaces are cold and unwelcoming in spite of efforts to enliven them with cosmetic touches such as flower planters. Oh well. I've seen worse.

cheap flower planters