Decorating living room wall. Rusty moose lodge decor.

Decorating Living Room Wall

decorating living room wall
    living room
  • A living room, also known as sitting room, lounge room or lounge (in the United Kingdom and Australia), is a room for entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other activities.
  • living room: a room in a private house or establishment where people can sit and talk and relax
  • A room in a house for general and informal everyday use
  • The Living Room is a music venue on Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side in New York City that was established in 1988.
  • Make (something) look more attractive by adding ornament to it
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decorating living room wall - Ultra Modern
Ultra Modern Red/Black Leather Living Room Set Sofa Loveseat Chair
Ultra Modern Red/Black Leather Living Room Set Sofa Loveseat Chair
Upholstery is "bench-made" - using some of the finest Italian leather combined with the best designed leather match material available. Only solid hardwood products are used in the frame construction. All corners are "blocked", nailed, and glued for strength and durability. All of the seats and backs are high density (1.7) foam to give comfort and support Only heavy gauge steel is used for comfortable seat and back support. The upright rectangular middle section of the sofa also becomes a portable fold down armrest/table. There is a wooden surface on the table that provides an easy setting for drinks, board games, reading, writing, etc... Headrests are also adjustable or removable for your comfort. Dimensions: Sofa: H35" x D38" x L80" Love: H35" x D38" x L64" Chair: H35" x D38" x L44" Available in color shown - Red/Black.

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The Sensuous yet Serene Living Room
The Sensuous yet Serene Living Room
Caption reads: Mood can be created by many things, especially light. In this seashell-shaped studio-living room, sinuously curved cork and rosewood walls provide the perfect nonreflecting background for displaying works of art. White furniture, white floors, and white draperies are unexpected accents that blend with the white brick walls beyond. The blue ceiling houses a built-in luminous glass panel that simulates daylight. There is also a ceiling spotlight that highlights one corner of the room--perfect for displaying sculpture. The whole mood is sensuous yet serene, with lighting, furnishings, and surface treatments that combine to create a room that emphasizes the art displayed in it. The pictures and scultpure can be changed from time-to-time, creating a new mood for each occasion.
Living room: walls
Living room: walls
Panelled wall was behind hardboad and umpteen layers of wallpaper and varnish - stripped and sanded, then today I re-varnished it. Door painted with water-based gloss, walls with 'Taxi' emulsion. Todo: fix various bits of trim on the panelled wall, level the floor and get the new floor. Move in. Colours are pretty true - I am loving the colour of the wood now it's varnished.

decorating living room wall
decorating living room wall
House Beautiful Design & Decorate: Living & Dining Rooms: Creating Beautiful Rooms from Start to Finish
They’re the rooms where you relax, where family and friends gather, where most of home life gets lived: the living and dining rooms. Who better than the experts at House Beautiful to show how to make these spaces attractive, inviting, and fresh? Divided into two sections, this stunning guide features hundreds of lavish, inspirational images, enhanced with checklists and explanatory sidebars. ?Design” covers everything from planning to selecting the permanent elements of the interior: this is the time for thinking and research, for making crucial long-term decisions about the layout, lighting and electricity, flooring, storage space, and furniture. ?Decorate” is devoted to the look, focusing on color, wall finishes, window treatments, and those small but important touches that make a house a beautiful home.