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country decorating stores
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country decorating stores - Swedish Country
Swedish Country Interiors
Swedish Country Interiors
Swedish Country Interiors showcases homes that have a wide spectrum of interpretations of Swedish country style-rustic, rural, urban, comfortable, family friendly, elegant, simple, complex, grand, humble, and eclectic. Also found are numerous examples of Swedish country living that the homeowners have embraced and derived inspiration from, including wall decorations, functional furnishings, natural upholstery materials, light, and indoor-outdoor living.

Rhonda Eleish and Edie van Breems opened the doors to Eleish van Breems Antiques in 1998, specializing in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Swedish antiques. Their company, Eleish van Breems Ltd. has expanded to become a full service Nordic design showroom and they are sought out for their interiors featuring the best hallmarks of Scandinavian design. The authors, who first published Swedish Interiors, and their antiques and interiors have been featured in many national publications, including Country Living, Victoria, and House Beautiful, and they have made appearances on Martha Stewart and HGTV Canada. Rhonda resides in Bridgewater, Connecticut with her daughter Kari and husband Buffer. Edie lives with her family in a 1760 colonial home in Fairfield, Connecticut.

As featured in Country Living! Showcases fifteen beautiful homes that highlight the stylish interpretations of Swedish country

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Vintage Country Girl Bear Children's Dish Set
Vintage Country Girl Bear Children's Dish Set
This is a fantastic children's dish set made from porcelain and decorated with a detailed country girl bear! What is even more interesting about this set is that it is new, never used condition and still has the orginal "Simpsons" sticker on each piece. The Simsons sticker in itself is a little bit of history, as it shows how the Simpsons name was branded for a very short period of time. Up until 1972 the Simppons name had an apostrophe before the last S. (Simpson's) but in an attempt to make the name friendlier to both English and French customer, they dropped the apostrophe. Then in 1973 and 1974 they gradually renamed all the Simpson stores over to the Sears name. The one flagship store in Toronto that retained the Simpsons name still sold their items branded as Simpson-Sears. In short, this set can accurately be dated to 1972-1974. The plate is 6.5 inches wide, the bowl 4.5 inches across and 2 inches tall and the cup is 2.5 inches wide (3.5 with handle) and 3 inches tall. When the set is together the total height is 5.5 inches tall. There are no major chips, cracks, blemishes or marks on this set. All the pieces are in mint condition.
Autumn in Michigan, Three Oaks, MI- Oct, 2009
Autumn in Michigan, Three Oaks, MI- Oct, 2009
This is near the train depot in Three Oaks ( I don't think a train actually stops here anymore) and it was so quiet and peaceful this day. I really love Autumn in the Midwest. Three Oaks, like most Midwest towns, has seen better days but appears to be surviving- Chicagoan's and other "FIP'S" (Fucking Illinois/Indiana People) are starting businesses here and other small towns- certainly attracted by the charm, beauty, and peacefullness not found in the city or it's burbs. Unfortunately they often try bring their "big city sensibilities" to small town America- opening pretentious wine and cheese shops, overpriced home decorating stores, and fru-fru clothing boutique's where nobody is going to shop except for other FIP'S. They seem to want to live in small town America without living the small town American life. It doesn't work.

country decorating stores
country decorating stores
Litchfield Style: Classic Country Houses of Connecticut
A presentation of quintessential country classic–style architecture and tasteful interiors—the epitome of picturesque New England. The county of Litchfield, Connecticut, is comprised of a pristine landscape of rolling hills, endless woodlands, green fields and streams, and early American houses. Annie Kelly presents the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century homes and their gardens—from quaint farmhouses and saltboxes to Colonial, Greek Revival, and Federal styles—of well-known decorators and tastemakers, including Bunny Williams, Carolyne Roehm, Matthew Smyth, and Robert Couturier, in this verdant setting. Rooms respectful of a panoply of historically rich New England architecture provide inspirational ideas for rural weekend retreats as well as family houses. These intimate and inviting spaces, along with their charming gardens, show much creativity and personal style. Litchfield Style also includes beautiful photographs capturing the small towns of this sophisticated corner of rural New England. A resource guide provides places of interest from eateries, village greens with legendary white steeple churches, and historic monuments to outdoor markets and antiques shops.