To bring youth to Christ through a Scouting Ministry.

ABS Newsletter — Fall 2017 — President's Posting

It has been a busy year for the Association of Baptists for Scouting. We have assisted numerous Baptist church chartered partners with understanding the BSA's recent policy change with respect to transgender youth, and how each Scout unit chartered to a church can have a member and leader policy that addresses this aspect and related issues in order to maintain the faith tenets of their chartering church. We have also advised all of our Baptist church chartered partners how they are protected from any attempted legal action with respect to anyone who might disagree with a church's policy regarding its membership and leader standards. We had an excellent booth at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, under the leadership of Donna Copeland, and we had an excellent cadre of Baptists serving as Chaplains on the Jamboree staff.

Thousands of youth were exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and with the care and ministry of Baptists. Each month we are sending out certificates and congratulatory letters to new Eagle Scouts across the country in recognition of their accomplishment. But, we can't take credit for the best thing that is happening every week and every month with Baptists and Scouting, and that is that thousands of dedicated Baptist volunteer leaders are living and sharing Jesus Christ through the ministry they are providing to youth across our country who are experiencing Scouting. We try to support them through resources on our website and information we provide to councils. I regularly pray for them and for the youth they touch. I hope you will read the articles in this newsletter, and let them inspire you with the things that are being accomplished. Thank you for being part of this organization and supporting and engaging in our efforts. God's blessings to you, and I hope to see many of you at our week at Philmont next summer. 

Ted Spangenberg, Jr., President

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