Tai Chi Articles

This page provides links to a number of articles. Some are translations of articles by key members of the Chen family, some are key diagrams for the understanding of tai chi and others are articles by instructors at Absolute Tai Chi. The aim is to build up a library of articles that may be useful or inspirational to practitioners and students of tai chi chuan.

Articles on Tai Chi

These are basic articles introducing fundamental concepts of tai chi chuan - things like posture and movement principles.

A basic explanation of Chen tai chi's fundamental postures and movements

An explanation of the silk reeling movements as taught by Chen Xiao Wang

This article explores the relationship between spirals and the movements of tai chi chuan

This continues from the first article and explores the relationship between spiral, numerical progression and proportion

This continues from the second article and explains how the spiral unites the internal and external

The Chinese name is shi san shi. ‘The thirteen postures’ is also another name for taijiquan. They are normally divided into two sets: the ba fa (eight methods - these are shou fa or hand skills) and the wu ba (five steps- these are shen fa or body movement skills)


These are translations of texts about tai chi chuan that are either by renowned practitioners and masters or that are established classics in their own right. 

This diagram shows how the movement of your hands during tuishou (push hands) relates to the taiji tu (taiji diagram)

Training For Sparring by Chen Zhaokuei

This is an article by eighteenth generation master Chen Zhaokuei that gives his philosophy of training

This is an article by fourteenth generation standard bearer Chen Changxing

Tai Chi Philosophy

These are articles about the more philosophical dimensions of tai chi.

Martial Arts

These articles are about the martial applications of Chen tai chi chuan and martial arts more widely.

An Anatomy of Fear

This is an examination of how the brain produces fear reactions and how tai chi chuan can help manage stress


This is an article about the biomechanical principles of breathing and power generation.