ABVC Herstory/History

A Broader Vocabulary Cooperative has a rich backstory.  In 2008 a group of amazing individuals came together and decided they couldn’t bare to see all the love and hard work of the many owners of Board Vocabulary evaporate, after having such an impact on Bay View and larger MKE Community.  So when MKE’s only Feminist Book Store & Community Center had to close its doors, a group of concerned and brave folks came together to create a new manifestation of Board Vocabulary .  Initially the goal was to raise enough funds to open a new physical home.  For awhile, we shared a mailing address (and much more) with People’s Books Co-Op.  But mother nature reminded us (several times), that life-changing books shouldn’t be housed in leaky, floody basements.  ABVC has since evolved and adapted, as all smart feminists must constantly do.