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LEAD   |   MOLD 

State Licensed | EPA Certified | Insured

Abreu Environmental is an experienced lead and mold remediation company specializing in commercial and residential buildings.

Previous clients include commercial facilities, day cares, farms, general contractors, governmental agencies, private homeowners, insurance companies, property managers, real estate developers, and schools.


* Business Est.1999
* Licensed Lead Abatement Contractor
* Mold Remediation Contractor
* Licensed Home Improvement Contractor
* EPA Certified Firm 
* MBE Certification


* Lead Abatement Supervisor/Worker Certification
* Asbestos Abatement Supervisor Certification
* Mold Remediation Certification
* RRP (lead Renovation, Repair and Painting firm) 
* OSHA 10
* Legionella Contamination Detection and Remediation (cause of Legionnaires Disease)
* Turner School of Construction Management
* MICRO (Mold Inspection, Consulting and Remediation Organization) member

Areas Of Expertise

NAICS Code: 562910

SIC 1521-08 Water Damage Restoration (Residential)
SIC 1799-26 Asbestos Removal Service
SIC 1799-48 Lead Removal & Abatement
SIC 8741-10 Moisture Management and Mold Control


SIC 1521
SIC 1799
SIC 8741