Operating Budgets and Assessment

The following issues are identified and are being debated by the AB Regionalization Study Committee (Group B):
  1. Will there be any change in the operating budget assessment allocation formula? How will potential savings/benefits be shared?
  2. Should there be a change in the process to authorize debt?
  3. Will there be any change in the capital assessment formula?
  4. Will the assessments continue to be based on a three-year rolling enrollment average?
  5. Should the operating costs of Acton and Boxborough elementary schools be separated to allow one town to contribute supplemental funs for specific services? [i.e., special budgetary consideration for special programs; e.g., music, ESL, special education, tutors, curricula, etc.]
  6. How will transportation costs be assessed/allocated?
  7. Should transportation costs be allocated the same percentage as operating costs OR as actual costs?
  8. How would OPEB be handled to insure consistency in funding between the member entities and the proposed new preK-12 region?
  9. How will financial benefits of an expanded region be shared in a favorable way to both communities?
  10. Should there be any changes in Section 11 ("Budget")) of the current Regional Agreement to allow more involvement of the Acton Leadership Group and the Boxborough Leadership Forum?
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