Welcome to AB Regionalization Study Committee

Welcome to AB Regionalization Study Committee.  This website provides a collection of documents and other information related to the possible expansion of Acton-Boxborough regional school districts from grades 7-12 to preK-12.

Recent Development

Town Meetings Approved Full Regionalization.  On June 3, 2013, voters at Town Meetings in Acton and Boxborough approved the expansion of the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District to include PreK—12. The vote in Acton was 349 yes to 194 no; in Boxborough, 439 yes to 195 no. Next steps will be posted here soon. The new PreK—12 Region begins on July 1, 2014.

Potential Changes to Chapter 70 State Aid for the expanded AB regional school district.  Representatives from Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (Mr. Roger Hatch and Ms. Melissa King) gave a presentation to members of AB Regionalization Study Committee on 9/12/2012.  You can view their presentation slides and supporting data by clicking the links.

Memo on Issues, Discussions, and Preliminary Recommendations.  The AB Regionalization Study Committee issued a memo to AB Regional School Committee on the current status of various issues to be resolved for expanding AB regional school district to include preK-12.  You can read their memo to school committee here

Current Focus

Expansion of the regional school district presents a number of issues in the following four areas:

  1. Construction, Capital, Ownership
  2. Operating Budgets and Assessment
  3. Governance and Transition
  4. Policies, Procedures, and Operations
To see the issues presented in each of these area, please go to the Issues under Consideration Section.

Tell Us What You Think

The AB Regionalization Study Committee welcomes your  thoughts on these Issues and on expansion of the regional school district in general.  You may comment by going to the Issues under Consideration page and clicking on the issue you wish to comment on. 

You may also email your comments to:
rsd_study_comm (at) mail.ab.mec.edu

Timeline and Milestone

Read about tentative Timeline and Milestone for the regionalization process.

Previous Deliverable

The AB Regionalization Study Committee presented to both Acton and Boxborough annual town meetings in the spring.  Presentation slides can be reviewed here:
Share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns by sending an email to us at
rsd_study_comm (at) mail.ab.mec.edu

Meeting Schedule

December 3, 2012 Blanchard School Library Posted 
October 23, 2012 Blanchard School Library xCompleted 
October 10, 2012 RJ Grey Library xCompleted 
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Pending Tasks

November 11, 2011 All Members Feedback on Nov 1st Meeting Minutes xCompleted 
November 13, 2011 All Members Develop a plan of actions for each area of responsibility xCompleted 
November 15, 2011 All Members Finalized second meeting date/time for December xCompleted 
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