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In 2007 I expanded the 'Theory of Everything' pages, offering more of my thoughts on science and economics.

I made some new piano recordings but didn't put them online! So maybe in 2008 they will go up... EBC has been re-thought - I changed my mind about something quite significant


Books in my in-tray, in progress or recently finished include:

The Tree of Knowledge - Maturana & Varela

Symbiotic planet - Lynn Margulis

Music of Life - Denis Noble

Finite and Infinite Games - James P Carse

The Worldly Philosophers - Robert Heilbronner

Human Minds - Margaret Donaldson

Emergence - John Holland

All Together Now - John Harvey-Jones

What's Next ? - Kelly, Leyden & GBN


Michael Lewis 'The Lexical Approach' 

Here's a useful link for language teachers : The lexical approach for teaching 

This treatise seems to me to make a whole lot of sense !  I came across this book in Borders whilst studying for my CELTA certificate in Cambridge and devoured it rapidly then. On the course we were taught the PPP - present practice produce paradigm for language teaching. Michael Lewis claims this has been obsoleted by his OHE observe hypothesise experiment paradigm.

The book is a philosophical treasure-trove, not just for English language teachers, but anyone interested in language and philosophy and how the two are interrelated.