ABRATUR aims to contribute to the internationalization of the research about tourism in Brazil. Above all, we achieve this by promoting the integration and cooperation of academic researchers.

The objective of promoting internationalization is to foster the academic research, consequently increasing the contribution that academia gives to society. The internationalization process leads to an increased contact with the foreign world, facilitating the exchange of ideas and solutions. Hence, the internationalization is a two-way path, by which Brazilian tourism academics can benefit from the contact with foreign research and researchers and vice-versa. At the same time, this can lead to expanding the knowledge about tourism research in the context of Brazil.
Founded in 2011, ABRATUR is formed by tourism scholars from Brazil and overseas, working in the international academic arena, but with a focus on  advancing tourism research about Brazil. The association maintains a number of communication channels for researchers interested in the internationalization of tourism research in Brazil, mainly Brazilian researchers aiming to establish contact with the international academic community while also permitting international scholars to identify those Brazilian tourism scholars willing to collaborate internationally.  


  • To contribute to the internationalization of the tourism research about Brazil
  • To maintain communication channels among researchers interested in the internationalization of the research about tourism in Brazil
  • To congregate tourism researchers working in the international academic community with an interest in studying tourism in Brazil


    ABRATUR maintains the following communication channels among researchers:
    • A biennial academic event, the Forum-ABRATUR hosted in odd years
    • Institutional website
    • Email discussion group
    • Public list of associated researchers

    Expected outcomes

    • Support the increase in number and quality of international publications about tourism in Brazil
    • Foster collaboration among Brazilian and foreign academic researchers
    • Expand the interest of both Brazilian and overseas researchers examining the issues of tourism in Brazil through the academic lenses
    • Host a high-level academic conference on tourism in Brazil


    • Accepted papers - Forum ABRATUR-17 The list of papers accepted to be presented at the Forum ABRATUR-17 is available in the following file.
      Posted 3 Apr 2017, 13:38 by Glauber Santos
    • Deadline extension for paper submission to Forum ABRATUR-17 The deadline for paper submission to Forum ABRATUR-17 was extended to March 10th. The list of accepted papers will be available on March 31st.
      Posted 6 Feb 2017, 11:06 by Glauber Santos
    • Accommodation for the Forum ABRATUR-17 There are two recommended hotels. Delegates must specify to the hotel their attendance in the Forum ABRATUR-17 event.Courtyard by Marriott Deluxe RoomSingle: R$229,00 + 5% tax ...
      Posted 15 May 2017, 19:22 by Glauber Santos
    • Call for papers - Forum ABRATUR-17 After the success of the first edition, in 2015, at USP, the event will be hosted by the Department of Hospitality and Tourism of the Federal University of Pernambuco, between ...
      Posted 25 Jan 2017, 16:04 by Glauber Santos
    • Forum ABRATUR-17 It is a pleasure to announce that the Forum ABRATUR-17 is going to be held in the Federal University of Pernambuco, in Recife (Brazil), on 7-9th of ...
      Posted 15 Jul 2016, 11:55 by Glauber Santos
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