This site is dedicated to present our ongoing project.

The aim of our researches is the fine transposition of the brain activity in the computable science, and not only a partial simulation of the reasoning domain. The final product is the construction of a general system producing artificial mental representations: that is a software system producing artificial consciousness facts.

So, this system will have five components:

  • An organizational memory, that is a large memory of facts, knowledge, rules and events where anything coming from this memory is systematically adapted to the current context. Such a memory is not a knowledge base but is a continuous dynamic interpretation of knowledge.

  • A subsystem building in a strictly constructivist way the current artificial idea here and now: that is the construction of the current idea like the well-controlled activity of some large agent organization.

  • A subsystem generating emotions as the alteration of the activity of the subsystem expressing the current idea, that is some specific field altering the focus of this generation, according to the specificity of the emotion.

  • An input–output subsystem linking the system producing artificial consciousness facts with the body of a robot or any software data flow.

  • An interface subsystem expressing the mental map, that is the representation of the current artificial consciousness fact with the reasons of this generation.

Keywords: artificial consciousness, artificial brain, artificial emotions, intentional behavior of robot.

Auto-Adaptive System, Morphology Programming, Artificial Consciousness 
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