Updated March 2019.
This film conveys
a message of peace
for more than
80% of the audience
70% of
the audience
would watch this film again

 More than 80%
of the audience
recommend this film to their friends

 more than 95%

of the audience

enjoy the emphasis

on Nature


"A very touching movie portraying the  interconnectedness and sacrality of nature, life and humanity. It transmits a deep sense of peace, even when the main characters face loss and pain. The roles of the lights and the music are outstanding in this movie, and really add a deeper dimension to the whole narrative. A sense of mystery pervades the whole movie and the audience is left to find their own answers. Technology also plays a role: nearly seems like an attempt to embrace technology into the natural cycle of life (instead of demonising it!). Technology in fact becomes a means to explore the characters’ journey through loss, and wonderfully fits into the ever-present natural scenario. A film to be watched more than once, to fully grasp the deeper meaning and to explore more than once the deep sense of peace it conveys."

Noemie Scotellaro Massimi. Poetess. March 2019.

"Gently mystical, with scenes like impressionist paintings come to life, it handles its themes with a light touch, shifting the spectator between perspectives external and internal to the action."

George Jacobs. March 2019.


"Watching Abrahadabra made me realize how conditioned we are by film generally and about "what happens next". It has been good to experience the subject a different way."

Anonymous. November 2018.


"Like a beautiful fable, ABRAHADABRA is positively imposing us to leave our usual cinematographic comfort zone to enjoy fully his false indolence. If the viewer agrees to take a fresh look, he will leave the viewing experience more mesmerised than he could have originally imagined.”

Philippe Saidj - Novelist.


"A film with symbols, difficult to apprehend, which unfolds around the themes of the loss of the father and the absence of the mother, the suffering denied, the search in the illusion to exceed this break with the world of childhood, which will lead Jane, the main character, through an initiatory journey in which nature plays a character in its own right. "

Mission Laïque Française - Clic here to read all the article (in french).


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Harmony Sensitive Peacefull  Atypical Original Paisible Tranquille Ambitious French Challenging Longueurs Cheval Entre ciel et terre Fraicheur Sincere Beau Emouvant Surprenant Poetique Serenite Paysage Legerete Interessant Emotion Authentique Paisible Special Quietude Harmonie Accomplissement Amitie Poesie Emouvant Croire Grace Émotion Fraicheur Emotion Abrahadabra Paix Paisible Affectionate Famille Epopée d'ado Feel good film Grace Artistic Imaginative Dreamlike Poignant Triste Trought provoking Émouvant  Charming Excellent Spirituality Gentle Arty Peaceful Original Mysterious Enchanting Magique Beautiful Inspirational Psychologie Intersesting Different Simplistic Light Interesting! Serein Calme Poesie Doucement Melange Tranquille Belle Découverte  Sensibilite Confusing Étrange  Uneven Inter-Generational Contemplatif Beau Rêverie  Heartfelt Intéressant  Ambitious Disconcerting Thought provoking Ethereal Tranquille L'Imagination Moving Spirituel Bizarre Whimsical Slow Dreamlike Campagne Famille Tranquillité  Héritage  Thought-provoking Intriguing Emergent Charming Beautiful Ennuyeux Family relation and lost Warm Long-winded Uninteresting Beau Elliptique Peaceful Calin La paix Sadness Vert Personnal Ephemeral Authentique Curio

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