"A Feel Good Film"
"A​ drama dealing​ with​ charm​ and​ serenity."
"Authentic, touching, peaceful." 



On a ranch-style farm in south west of France, Jane Cavalieri, 14, lives protected by the love of her father Ludovic and his grandfather Papifou (Granda-di-dou). The sudden death of her father, in a terrorist attack, plunges Jane into a waking dream.

The digital world offers an immaterial connection with human souls

That's what says Ludovic Cavalieri to his daughter. For this reason, after the death of her father, Jane imagines to talking to him with her digital tablet. This film is about the impressiveness of the dream and the spiritual in the life, particular in ordeals.

Nature takes care of us when

we experience difficult events

Nature is a central and spiritual dimension of this environmental film. After the death of her father, Jane (and her grand-father) finds this lush nature like a peaceful friend

A peaceful film
This film talk about terrorist attacks in a suggestive and poetic way, offering a message of peace for more than 85% of the audience.


"Watching Abrahadabra made me realize how conditioned we are by film generally and about "what happens next". It has been good to experience the subject a different way."

Audience Anonymous


" Abrahadabra is a gentle and delicate film, contemplative in structure, but concrete in its detailsBy holding eventfulness at bay, this film achieves an inner calm and mindfulness unusual for the cinema, and by using an innovative combination of camera and tablet photography, it achieves a novel and rewarding relationship with its central characters."

Dr. James Zborowski

Hull University Film Dpt.


"Like a beautiful fable, ABRAHADABRA is positively imposing us to leave our usual cinematographic comfort zone to enjoy fully his false indolence. If the viewer agrees to take a fresh look, he will leave the viewing experience more mesmerised than he could have originally imagined.”

Philippe Saidj



"With his first feature film, Yannik Ruault is putting the onus on the spectator to enjoy a magic realism! The soundtrack and music is, again, worthy of note, indeed immaculate, as is the photography. Remember the actress Noémie Glairacq." 

Dr. Geoff Hare

Newcastle University

Honorary Senior Research


A film with symbols, difficult to apprehend, which unfolds around the themes of the loss of the father and the absence of the mother, the suffering denied, the search in the illusion to exceed this break with the world of childhood, which will lead Jane, the main character, through an initiatory journey in which nature plays a character in its own right. "


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the legend of the prima fotografia


According to the legend, the smile of Michelangelo's Lover would be conserved on a photography in a secret box.

Digital tablet shooting


With shot by tablet, the viewer is in the point of view of the characters.