Saturday mornings
March 31st to May 19th, 2018

Event Details

  • For just $20 ($15 for youth), all registrants should expect to receive:
    • Six games of regular season ultimate frisbee starting March 31st
      • There are no games April 14th because Albuquerque is hosting college sectionals that weekend.
    • An end-of-season tournament on Saturday May 19th
  • Note: Registration is cheaper this season because it does not include a disc.
    • Discs from previous AUA events can be purchased for $5.
  • Games will be held at Mariposa Basin Park and will be played each Saturday starting at 10:30 AM.
  • Join us at Dion's just down the road after the games if you want to hang out and grab some lunch.
  • Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. If you're new to the sport, check out our New to Ultimate? page.

Game Details

  • All games are to 13. A five-minute half is at 7 points. Games begin at 10:30 AM
  • Soft cap is at 12:20 AM (soft cap means you finish the current point, add 1 to the highest score, and play to that.)
  • Hard cap is at 12:30 PM (hard cap means you finish the current point and if a team is ahead, the game is over. If teams are tied you play one more point.)
  • Each team gets 1 timeout per half.
  • The ratio of men to women is decided by the offense and can be either 5:2 or 6:1. If a team has 1 or fewer women they can choose to play 6:0, and they MUST play 6:0 if they cannot field any women at any given time.
  • USA Ultimate current rules are used for any rules not covered here.


  • Players register as individuals (or in pairs) and are assigned to teams through a draft. Player self-evaluation ratings are used in this process to ensure the teams are evenly-matched.
  • Follow the link on the Registration page to submit your registration information and reserve your spot in the league.
  • After you've registered go to the Payment Page and follow the instructions to submit a payment.

Field Items

  • USAU Waiver
    • This will be collected by league coordinators before the first game.
    • When filling out the waiver, select single event checkbox, no additional payment required
    • You can sign the online waiver at the USA Ultimate website, but you will need to provide proof that your waiver is current in the form of a screen-shot or printout. 
  • Medical Authorization Form (Youth players only)
    • This will also be collected by league coordinators before the first game.
    • Youth players (under 18) also need to have this filled out and signed by a parent or guardian prior to the first day of the league.
  • Shirts/Athletic Gear
    • Please bring a light and dark shirt with you to each game to help differentiate teams.
    • Other athletic gear, including cleats, is recommended, but not required.

Mariposa Basin Park