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Danby Beverage Refrigerator

danby beverage refrigerator
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  • North American company selling relatively inexpensive appliances. The Danby frontloading washer is manufactured by Gorenje, in Slovenia.
danby beverage refrigerator - Danby DCR88WDD
Danby DCR88WDD 3.2 Cuft. Refrig Push Button Defrost Seperate Freeze Section
Danby DCR88WDD 3.2 Cuft. Refrig Push Button Defrost Seperate Freeze Section
The Danby DCR88WDD 3.2 cubic foot compact refrigerator is the perfect addition to any dorm, bedroom or lunch room. The clean, white unit can be adjusted to the same height as a counter for a streamlined look, and has a smooth back for a flush fit against walls.
Freezer Section
The Danby DCR88WDD 3.2 cubic foot compact refrigerator comes with an independent, full width freezer section for frozen treats and TV dinners.
Reversible Door
Install the door to open from either the left or right side with the reversible door hinge.
Energy Star Rated
The Danby DCR88WDD keeps your food and drinks cool without wasting electricity. It is Energy Star efficient to help you save the environment and your money.
Versatile Storage
This compact refrigerator comes with one full shelf and one half shelf for maximum storage versatility. You can also easily store large bottles.

76% (7)
Beverage Bliss in a Bottle
Beverage Bliss in a Bottle
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Beverage Packaging, MIAD
Beverage Packaging, MIAD
Beverage Packaging from the Communication Design area of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Associate Professor- Phil Belair http//www.miad.edu

danby beverage refrigerator
danby beverage refrigerator
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