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Above Refrigerator Cabinet

above refrigerator cabinet
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above refrigerator cabinet - Household Essentials
Household Essentials C21275 Two-Tier Sliding Cabinet Organizer, Chrome
Household Essentials C21275 Two-Tier Sliding Cabinet Organizer, Chrome
Make the most of the space in your cabinets with this 11.5-inch wide two shelf sliding wire cabinet organizer from Whitney Design. The full sized shelves are equal in size. This unit will arrive to you fully assembled. Installation requires mounting to a surface with screws(included). The wire is commercial grade extra heavy duty, formed to a timeless upscale design, and then chromed. The sliders glide on ball bearings for smooth and effortless operation and allow for full tray extension. Once installed, items in the rear of your cabinets become easily accessible. This cabinet organizer is extra deep and measures 11.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches high by 17.75 inches deep and has a bright chrome finish. Item #C21275

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American Kitchen Corporation Refrigerator Cabinet
American Kitchen Corporation Refrigerator Cabinet
American Kitchen Corporation includes a refrigerator cabinet at not cost in every installation. This puts beautiful side-panels on the refrigerator and pulls the cabinet above the fridge forward for easier access.
Above cabinets, before
Above cabinets, before
Above right-of-stove and refrigerator cabinets. Crockpot, icecream maker, baby bottles/milk storage bottles and baby dishes (box). Brown box is a kitchen light waiting for install (will be 2yrs in April?)

above refrigerator cabinet