Honeywell Sediment Filter

honeywell sediment filter
    sediment filter
  • A filter designed to strain out particles. Sediment filters normally do not remove chemical contaminants.
  • Honeywell (legally Honeywell International Inc.) is a major conglomerate company that produces a variety of consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments.
  • USA conglomerate. Manufactured thermostats, anti-personnel cluster bombs, control systems, aircraft avionics, and, for a while, computers. Bought GE's computer division in 1970, including CISL and the Multics project. Sold the computer business to Bull in 1987. Story: Honeywell Management
honeywell sediment filter - SPIN DOWN
Sold as one unit. (1 unit = each.) 1" x 1" slip connections. Flow rate: 1-20 GPM. 100 mesh filters down to 152 microns. Removes fine sand and grit. Ideal for drip irrigation systems, faucet aerators, sand-sensitive valves and poultry waterers. High-impact molded plastic body with clear bowl. Filters use centrifuge spin- down action to remove sediments. Sediments can be drained through flush valve in bottom of the bowl without disconnecting the system. Bowl is easy to remove, without tools. Maximum pressure: 150 PSI at 73 deg.F. Overall length: 11-3/8", width 5". Replacement filter SKU # 4188520. Boxed. 100 Mesh Filters Down To 152 Microns . Manufacturer number: FT4-100. SKU #: 4188611. Country of origin: (TBA). Distributed by Campbell Manufacturing.

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setting sediment filter in upper pond
setting sediment filter in upper pond
Now that the lower pond and the mid-stream are taking shape, the sediment filter is set in the upper pond. This filter will help keep the water clear as it passes through the filter and the gravel in which it will sit.
Brewing - Sediment Filter2
Brewing - Sediment Filter2
Filtering a fresh 5 gallon batch of Pilsner with a 1 micron sediment filter.

honeywell sediment filter
honeywell sediment filter
GE FXHSC Sediment Water Filter
The FXHSC GE SmartWater Whole House Sediment Filter Replacement Cartridge is designed for GE Smart Water heavy duty water filtration systems. The GE FXHSC fits any other brand of water filter housing that uses 9 3/4 inch x 4 1/2 inch filter cartridges. Fits any brand of whole house water filter system that uses standard 9 3/4 x 4 1/2 filter cartridges. Filter Life: 3 months or 24000 gallons (whichever comes first) Flow Rate: 3 - 10 gallons per minute Operating Temperature: 100 degrees Fahrenheit Micron Rating: 30 microns Filter Type: Pleated Paper Actual Size: 10 inches (length) x 4 5/8 inches (diamter) GE Part Number: FXHSC (SmartWater) Original GE FXHSC Filter

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