ModelPoetry.com, also known as ModelsForCommunity.com, --established in 2008-- has really caught on, and is recognized and loved by Celebrities and Everyday wonderful People alike.  Model Poetry is one of the most highly regarded Community-based sites-- and our sponsors benefit from Model Poetry's Online, Hard Copy and Video Show Content. ModelPoetry.com currently has a very strong reach in the Sustainability Community across the U.S.--and abroad and is especially loved in Hudson County and in New York City.

Model Poetry's impact has spanned Hollywood's elite to some of the most celebrated names in the culinary and literary realm.  Indeed, Members of Model Poetry have received strong responses, including accolades from Oprah Book Club author Eloise Greenfield, a favorite, on social media, for the Model Poetry feature song, "All Atwitter" from New York Times Bestselling Author, Mary Karr, a follow on social media, from "Chinatown" and "The Cotton Club" Film Producer, Robert Evans, a follow on social media from SuperModel Niki Taylor as well as Writer and Director Andy Wooding, the privilege of being quoted by renowned actor Boris Kodjoe, on social media, a follow from journalist Rula Jebreal, a follow from Fox 5 News' Baruch Shemtov, the granting of a photo session with Model Georgia Pratt, the honor of filming Model Karini, (first established Model to appear in  ModelPoetry.com) .  Model Poetry also had the pleasure of filming Amanda Marlowe, who Modeled graciously for the publication and who is the daughter of Ira Marlowe, who was the manager for the late, great Sid Bernstein, who as jambase.com relays from his announcement in The Examiner: "brought the  Beatles, The Rolling Stones to the United States." Model Poetry was also instrumental in Ira Marlowe's procurement of a piece of artwork (a jewel) at the renowned Ashione Gallery  in NYC.  Further, Model Poetry received a message on social media from Nina Parker, Producer and on-air correspondent for The Insider, an American Entertainment News Program, and spinoff of CBS' Entertainment Tonight, received compliments from famed restaurateur Alice Waters, Oscar-winner Jimon Onsu and television legend Judith Light-- who described a Model Poetry Member as "gracious and very, very, lovely"- as well as Valerie Simpson, who literally sang one Model Poetry Member's praises.  

Model Poetry Members have been responsible for organizing a number of High Profile and Celebrity presentations, including an interview where Actress and Humanitarian AnnaLynne McCord invited ModelPoetry.com to her New York Hotel for an in-depth discussion of her philanthropy, career and even personal life, booking Bill Clinton's biographer Janis Kearney on the much acclaimed Tavis Smiley show on PBS, an impromptu interview with Bryant Gumbel, where the beloved Journalist and Sportscaster was gracious enough to discuss the skill-set which he encourages those with aspirations in any field to cultivate the most, a discussion with Actress Adelaide Clemens known for X-Men Origins:  Wolverine, with Hugh Jackman, as well as Model Poetry's -own- promotion on Fox TV's Channel 9.  In addition, Fox 5's own Chief Meteorologist Nick Gregory, is so generous that he went went so far as to share a Model Poetry Video link--sent to him --with his own online social media audience.  And very soon after, Jim Fox, at Fox in Houston, also followed Model Poetry online.  Model Poetry is also followed by Former NBA player and Grammy nominated Artist, Maurice Ager.

Model Poetry Members have been interviewed directly related to ModelPoetry.com and/or on other issues, on Fox 5 Radio; Alan Colmes,  Mark Riley; WWRL, WABC Radio, WNYC and PBS.  Model Poetry's writing has been sold at SuperModel Helena Christensen's Butik and Members have received kindness and encouragement before, in the midst of creating, and after establishing ModelPoetry.com-- from Sarah Jessica Parker, David Dinkins, David Letterman, Morgan Freeman, Lord Jamar, Doug E. Fresh, KRS 1,  LL Cool J, Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper,  Janeane Garofalo, Iyanla Vanzant, Montel Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Lionel Richie, Dr.Oz, Busta Rhymes, Biz Markie, Jay Leno, Jason Olive, Ru Paul, Macaulay  Culkin, Richard Gere, Jeffrey Tambor, Ronnie DeVoe, Brian McKnight, John Johnson, Ben Stiller, Amber Valletta, Damon Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Regilio Tuur, Kelsey Grammer, SuperModel Gisele Bundchen, Model Irene Hiemstra, Darius McCrary, Felix Mondino, (son of Jean Baptiste Mondino) Sade and Madonna.  Ranging from an acknowledgement, to a handshake, to serving in public venues while in school and developing ideas for creative outlets, to a conversation, to more-- these stars have been instrumental in spurring Model Poetry's Members on.  In addition, the late, great Richard Dawson, Nick Ashford, Singer Vesta, and Radio Show Visionary Alan Colmes, were also wonderful sources of encouragement and added deeply to ModelPoetry.com's Members' advancement.

Model Poetry's youtube and Blip video sponsors have included MSNBC, Clorox, Hugo Boss, Aveda, Resources Natural Spring Water, ADT Security System, Toyota, Critical Mention, Clinique, Serta, Samsung, Samsung for the new Jay-Z Album, Shutterstock, Subway, Scotch Brite, Television Fanatic, Puritan's Pride Vitamins, Portrait Professional, Belvedere, Naked Juice, Best Buy, Madden NFL Play Station, Mitsubishi, Macy's, Nautica, Geiko, Google, Quebec Bon Voyage, VisitBritain.com, Lancôme, Vidal Sassoon, Verizon and NBC.  

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, 90210's AnnaLynne McCord, Desperate Housewives' Alfre Woodard (first Celebrity to endorse ModelPoetry.com) PBS's Denise Richardson, Actress and Memory SuperStar Marilu Henner, Italian Vogue SuperModel Ayan Elmi, Legendary SuperModel Andie MacDowell and Ralph Lauren's SuperModel Ubah Hassan-- are among the many Celebrities who have endorsed ModelPoetry.com-- and its influence continues to grow.

A written piece by ModelPoetry.com was described as "Very beautiful," by internationally celebrated author of the Alchemist, Paulo Coelho.

Model Poetry was followed on social media by CBS' The Good Fight.

Model Poetry is followed on social media by star of Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Corin Nemec.

Model Poetry is followed on social media by famed
Meteorologist Nick Gregory.

ModelPoetry.com is followed on social media by MC Hammer.

Model Poetry is followed by Stan Lee's Foundation  (Stan Lee Foundation).  Stan Lee is the co-creator of SpiderMan, The Incredible Hulk,  X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man and the former publisher of Marvel Comics.

ModelPoetry.com is followed on social media by SuperModel Niki Taylor.

ModelPoetry.com is followed on social media by SuperModel Kathy Ireland.

ModelPoetry.com is followed on social media by SuperModel Naomi Campbell.

ModelPoetry.com is a part of the Manhattan Country School Community, founded by the late, great Gus Trowbridge, and wonderful Marty Trowbridge-- and graced by highly influential Educators, such as Clinton Ingram, and in addition, Carolyn Ingram, wife of Clinton Ingram, have been essential to advancement.  The school has a focus on Giving Back to the Community, Inclusion, and teaching Sustainable ways of Living on its Roxbury, New York Farm.  ModelPoetry.com has also been influenced by such places of Development and learning as William Smith, with such celebrated writers as David Weiss and Christina Sharpe, as well as scientists such as Mike Wing; West Side Montessori School, with Educators  like the woman known affectionately by her students as simply "Juanita," as well as Performing Arts, with such notables as Ms. Camille, Ms. Dunuhue, Ms. Aldini, Jeffrey Knorr and Peter Treitler--and Aloha, with such innovative and ground-breaking Directors as Nancy Linkroum Pennell.  Media leaders like Ron Bertram at Fox TV have contributed to growth and expansion.  ModelPoetry.com's outreach has also benefitted from visionaries like Janice and Malorie of Stueben, Steve and Marlene of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and finance expert Michael Vogen-- whose stewardship and guidance in the formative years of developing Business acumen, proved to be invaluable.  Philanthropist Kenny Peake's contribution has been pivotal for ModelPoetry.com, and his commitment to helping those in need, is one of the most under-recognized, and yet far-reaching -and genuine -that has ever existed.  Family Ties and Support have indeed been quite vital, without question, and cannot be quantified.  Certainly, because of its many influences, Model Poetry has been a staunch proponent for Volunteerism and for adding to, and bolstering, Charitable Organizations and Emerging Businesses, in very powerful ways.  And Model Poetry has proliferated most importantly, from its strong Spiritual Foundation.

And yes, Model Poetry; Models For Community, continues to get involved in very powerful ways.  With its recent Social initiative, Model Poetry is implementing Modeling, infused with Music, to address cultural concerns.  And currently a campaign to bust #bullying has Model Poetry particularly teaming up with Hollywood, to make change.  In fact, a supportive and truly engaged following has grown, and continues to grow.

Further, through its Direct Marketing approach, Model Poetry helps proliferate the name of Large Established Companies and Organizations ---like Walgreens, with our Contact Terry Chisolm.  Walgreens being the first Nationally recognized Company to work with us at the grassroots level.  And in our approach, Large Companies of this kind, then help the Local Community, as we are facilitated in cultivating Community relationships, and consequently bringing Customers right through the door.  So then, we expand the recognition of Large Established Companies, we bring Customers to Mid-sized and Emerging Local Companies who need to expand their Customer base,  and we are even able to purchase product from these Mid-sized and emerging Companies, in order to cultivate our inter-Community Customer base, as well as help serve our Schools, Churches, Shelters and People in need. Thus we are able to address a complexity of Community needs, all at once.

And with all of that, you know it's time to get involved and Make a Difference!  Some of the most amazing and nationally and internationally recognized Companies are getting involved!  And the growing number of Celebrities helping us, is previously unheard of! 

If you've been invited, join us!  If not, request an invitation by telling us a little bit about you or your Company, and your involvement in the Community.  We continue to be very selective about those we allow into our Community, but that conscientiousness is now proving extremely valuable.

Consult our Contact page, call (646) 239-3235 or e-mail us through our ModelsForCommunity.com home page, to find out the current costs of Sponsorship-- and much, much more!

*Note:  Model Poetry or Models For Community or any derivative, is used to represent the Creative Entity that includes Model Poetry and all iterations and connections to it.



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