For the past two decades, companies seeking project funding or an experienced business consultant have turned to Global Star Capital. Global Star Capital has aided governments, companies, and individuals from 100 countries on 5 continents with green earth projects, medical, property and land development, energy, and other ventures. Global Star Capital's clients have obtained start-up funding, mergers and acquisitions capital, and a variety of loans from private investment banking companies, direct hard-money lenders, brick and mortar book lenders, and underwriters. Some of the projects Global Star Capital has assisted include a €60 million cruise line between Finland and Estonia; a $25 million entertainment project in Burbank, California; a $100 million ranch in Oregon; and a $21 million restructuring of a multistate entertainment corporation. 

Principals who wish to obtain financing for their goals should follow the step-by-step process created by Global Star Capital’s founder, Rich Cocovich. This process requires potential clients to complete a detailed application discussing the project, and then e-mail their business plans to a Global Star Capital representative. Afterward, Cocovich contacts the potential client via conference call. Once engaged, he hen meets with the client in person to game plan the approach fully. Additionally, intermediaries can request funding for another group's project; however, Global Star Capital must approve the third party prior to the project’s submission. Reviewing the original documentation and qualifying the project comes at no cost to the client. Engagement requirements are list on the company website. All solvent and prepared project principals are asked to follow the OUR PROCESS section of the company web site www.globalstarcapital.com.