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Along with surfers, adorees, and swimmers, beach-combers, and those humans who merely think of the world's great seas - and, especially in this time of dire need for prayer for our planet's oceans - everyone who cares about our fellow beings and our environment, are the real Mers.

The Mers live, of course, under the surface of the sea, are fish, complete with tails and all the other wonderful abilities that all fish are blessed with, like slithery scales, like swiftness, like subtety, and like the cold blood that enables them to adapt to all the world's watery realms, care.
They truly care, as do all sane beings, about our entire planet and about ALL life on our small, young, fragile planet - which the Mers, quite rightly, call Sea.

Since our world is made up of almost eighty percent water, doesn't that make more sense, after all?

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Ocean, the musician, also loves to write, to surf, and to promote compassionate causes.

Her book trilogy, The Mers, is set to appear on your book shelves in 2011, so keep swimming with Ocean at the sites that host her Mer info, including her non-fiction book on Mer History - that is, on the Mers in our human lore, psyches, and myths.

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