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Ocean's Music Projects :


Ocean's New CD is HERE!

Exotic Haunting Dance Vocal Trance World Progressive Groove Melodic Hits!

Ocean's Music is loved worldwide, and her debut CD,
Mermaid Music, has placed her among the most recognizable of our gifted singers.

Ocean's New CD, Ocean, will be released in October

Ocean's Songs For Animals CD and music videos will be released in late Spring

Visit OceanSongs.com to hear Ocean's Songs Now!

Ocean's Mission:

"My driving force is the cause all religions and spiritual traditions endorse - that of Compassion.
My Passion Is Compassion.
I donate my own money, time, resources, and talents to help all beings, including humans, who I assist in their quests toward healthiness and healing. 
Many have offered to donate to my causes, and here is a way to easily donate via a secure paypal link:
 Donate via a Safe, Paypal Link On This Page : Ocean's Save The World Campaigns with Eco Magazine

Ocean's Writing Projects :

Ocean as Writer

Ocean, musician, also loves to write.

Ocean's Novel, a Suspense Thriller, otherworldly, glamorous foray into Shamanism and ultimate justice, The Sea Wraithe, is ready for publication.

Ocean's next thriller, a horror murder mystery, is on the horizon and almost ready to surface.

Ocean contributes articles on helpful subjects like veganizing, green, eco, health, beauty, spirituality, wealthizing, and fitness to varous article sites.

Ocean's blog, MermaidBlog.com , a source of Mer Fantasy, previews the publication of her epic trilogy, The Mers, and unites mermaniacs everywhere.

Ocean's Art Projects :

Ocean's Artwork is avidly collected by art lovers worldwide.

Ocean's newest collection, "Sea Worship", illuminates women in white at the seaside. 

Ocean's new collection of medium and large acrylics on canvas, entitled, "Sea Worship", depicts people immersed in their adoration of our universal passion at being at the beach.
"The way everyone becomes enthralled and hypnotized by the sound, the scent, and the movement of the waves is something quite beautiful and unique in our lives, " Ocean said in a recent interview of her artwork. "I love painting images of people caught in that rapturous moment of awe and reverence."

Ocean's Filmmaking Projects :

Aside from Music Videos, and There Are Several Coming Out Soon, There Are Some Philanthropic Films Ocean is Working On - More Here.

Ocean's "Save Our Planet" and Philanthropic Projects :

Ocean's Projects

One's She's involved in right now, and ones she's planning for

Ocean is a musician, and this is her main occupation, but since Ocean also has many other interests, ranging from the arts to activism, we'd like to present some of the campaigns Ocean is involved with first - since Compassion is her Passion.


Ocean, as a fellow Mer - a sea being (since she surfs)- loves to help promote being kind to Manatees , the closest being to mermaids and mermen in life.

Along with Manatees, a great Manatee awareness site honoring these gorgeous Mers, are many other Ocean pages honoring all the other species!

Public Notice - From Ocean - To All Who Adore Saving the World, Compassion, and Veganism, Who Love Animals, the Environment, and Who Love Helping Those Who Love to Save the World!

I have several connections right now that will expedite things for me - (naturally, a billion dollars is in the mix too! with it I am creating eco, compassionate enterprises like vegan fast-food chains and in frozen food sections and catering, eco compassionate vegan clothing lines, and create wilderness habitats for wildlife and trees, among many other enterprises, like the eco, green communities i'm planning, other ways to promote veganism, etc.)


On the road to the billions-

1. I want to find ways to connect to all compassionate vegans in the world and all the child-free in the world (i wish to popularize being child-free and/or adopting the needy, starving children instead of having them - in the West, one child causes the pollution of a thousand in developing nations...i want all children to prosper, be cared for, etc.(Iam against abortion, by the way - I am pro birth control of other means)
( I want to have a giant pool of committed, active, compassionate vegans and child-free to encourage them to contribute their talents and resources to save the world! - getting a master list of vegans worldwide is one of the reasons I'm on the internet in general right now personally, rather than just on the Record Company’s maintained official site – I have my own pages there and send them updates to do for me.)

2. I want to find the means to produce the many projects i have started - all of which help the world since i myself contribute time, energy, talent, projects and money to save the world and they all have percentages to help, charity is part of my nature - preferably angel investors who are like-minded, like vegans, committed to saving the world.

3. I wish to find vegan musicians who are interested in helping me to assemble my Concerts for Animals – musicians who care – soloists, groups, all types as long as they’re into compassion for all beings! I also have songs to honor various animal groups and am about to record a CD of those songs, and I want to find those who have beautiful stock film of animals for that project. I plan to make my animal songs and videos available for free usage on TV and elsewhere to inspire people to help animals.

I also have other artists and friends who devote their lives to helping and I would like to help them connect to sources of assistance.

 4. I am working with an architect/developer on eco, green housing ideas. I’m interested in building a working community of this type and any assistance would be great! I plan to work with and around trees and vegetation and encourage all of the industry to utilize the existing topography and terrain in designing their building, rather than doing what they do now – which is to destroy – I also aim to use the trees they fell now in terrible waste somehow. I have plans to transport and use them for building low-income housing. Now they just sit and rot or are hauled to landfills. I adore trees and if they are not allowed to stand, I want new trees planted immediately and I want the ones felled to be utilized.

 5. Currently in America at least, restaurant food that is not sold is thrown out. It needs to be collected and distributed instead to those who need it. I also want to mobilize more assistance and awareness of the homeless.

 6. I have plans for vegan, truly healthy, holistic hospitals especially for alternative care for ill children and the aged. I want any help with this idea. Now the ones in existence are only for the rich. I feel that there are enough people who would contribute to this idea and would happily donate to help this come about. It would also be a model for all hospitals and care units. (bearing in mind that something like sixty percent of people diagnosed with cancer get well automatically without any treatment and only twenty percent get well with conventional medical treatment.) ( Learning how to heal people and other animals is a passion along with my passion for Compassion!)

 7. I have books, (some on Saving the World and Veganism), coming out as well as music, films I’m producing and other projects. I would appreciate any and all assistance in my projects, including information and expert advice. I am signed to a small label and publishing company, and I am happy with that, but it would be great to get additional distribution and promo !

 8. I am interested in popularizing getting rid of the last isms – speciesism and ageism! Both will assist the world in adopting Compassion for all beings and in truly recognizing that we are all One!


I am interested in finding info, resources, people, ideas and help on all these projects now!

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We'd like to add that Ocean already donates a large percentage of all her own money to Compassionate Causes, and that property she owns is already devoted as a wildlife sanctuary - and Ocean plans many more land purchases in order to devote areas to our wildlife, and other areas as sanctuaries for orphaned and abandoned domestic pets and so-called "barn-yard" should-be pets.

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