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Ocean Cover Story Interview For Natural Health and Vegetarian Life Magazine:

1. Why and how did you become a vegetarian/vegan?/When did you become a vegetarian/vegan and why?/How did you become a vegetarian/vegan? 

When I was a small child, I had a friend who was a calf. I had other friends too, of other species, and some were in our own family. To me, everyone, whether human or not, young or old, rich or poor, the color, size, or whatever never mattered. I loved and love everyone naturally.

When the neighbor with the calf and his mother cow told me he’d sold them, I began to ask questions. I was forlorn and missed them, of course, but when some people would tell me the bitter truths of life, the horror of things began to be understood. I’d already wakened to the fact of hunting through Walt Disney’s great film, “Bambi”, and from “Charlotte’s Web” and other sources, I was stunned that the people I adored could actually eat the innocent beings I also adored! It was scary and cannibalism to me!

I had a difficult time in school, where sometimes they’d try to force me to eat cruelty foods, but my parents helped me.

They became vegetarian too, and then vegan, when we found out that all milk cows must give birth periodically to keep lactating, and that those boy baby calves go into veal crates, so eating dairy is not acceptable ethically.

2. Do think that your diet helps your musical performance?/Do you find that the diet fits in with your busy lifestyle?

It’s  just the best, most delicious way to eat, and not like a “diet” at all!

I choose the best-tasting and most luscious foods in the world! Fruits and veggies!

And yes, since dairy and other cruelty foods create congestion, singing is much easier since I’m a vegan! Also, the breathing in general is far easier, and lung capacity matters in music, but also in creating energy and stamina.

3. Have you noticed any difference with your health? 

My health is perfect! I know I can thank veganism, Compassionate foods, for that!

I never get even a sniffle!

4. Do you think there are many singers these days who are much more health-conscious than before? 

I was surprised and happy to hear a little girl who’s a singer and was on one of the late night entertainment variety shows, who told the host that she avoids dairy and eggs and, of course, other cruelty foods, since it helps her voice and singing, so it must be widely known now! That’s great!

I’m quite sure that all the famous singers, including opera singers, are well acquainted with the fact that vegan foods assist in vocal ability and agility, but they don’t talk about it often enough!

I know that on TV, often the sponsors try to dictate what is or is not said. And more and more celebrities are standing up for Compassion all the time!  

5. What do you find it easy to be a vegetarian/vegan? 

Yes! It’s so easy to find organic veggies and fruit everywhere!

When air traveling, it’s a great opportunity to do a water fast with lemon. You feel great when you’re arriving at your destination !

Everywhere in the world it’s easy to find fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and grains, beans and oils, even if eating out! 

6. Do you find that there is a big movement towards vegetarianism now?/Do you find that there are many people going that way now? 

I know that tons of people are going vegan now! And many who are now vegetarian are going vegan too! Many take the step of first going vegetarian and then find that it’s very easy to go all the way to being a vegan! There are so many great resources now, and getting organic produce is already mainstream!

People have gotten the message that for health, beauty, longevity, great mood, slenderness, and also to save the world, let alone the starving people and the suffering other animals, being Compassionate with our food is way more important, for instance, than greening our cars! 

7. Do you feel that, among your contemporaries, there is a lot of interest in the link between diet and ethics and diet and the environment? Is that a strong issue among your generation?

Yes! I’m happy to say that there are  huge numbers of ethical vegans who have compassion for all beings, and they understand the links between ethical food and saving the environment, while at the same time saving humans from starvation – the ultimate win-win situation! 

8. What do you hope to achieve in the future?

I’d like to save the world! Seriously, I would. That’s plan A.

Plan B is to do as much toward that end as possible, whatever that is. I hope to popularize and to promote Compassion and Compassionate choices in life through my music and other ways too. 

9. How did you develop an interest in music?

Music chose me, essentially.

Songs started just expressing themselves out of me and singing was just a natural thing, like breathing. Learning to arrange and produce the music that would appear inside my head and finding the right musicians and the right studios for the sound I already heard was the task. The rest is easy. 

10. What is the next major event that you will be involved in? 

The next major event is what I’m currently involved in doing – recording! I’m working in some interesting studios in cool areas and with a legendary musician or two. I’ll be recording for a few months and then the newest CD’s will be released. One is called “Ocean”, and it’s sort of got a world feel, and it sounds morein a way like Sting or Sade than most of my other work.

Then, other CD’s will be released, including one honoring various animal groups – The first is one about horses – whom I absolutely adore – I was raised with horses and I even  cleaned stables as a little kid, happily  - and I’m really hoping it will help to bring awareness about how awesome they are and how much they need protecting!

In the states, a vital vote by the Senate will decide the fates of millions of innocent horses, who are now slaughtered for Japan, France, and Belgium – the only countries that consume these most beautiful and majestic of our fellow beings!

Along with Willie Nelson and others, I am assisting MerHorses.com in creating widespread awareness and support for this campaign to save their lives!

the second, on Manatees, is going to be released early, in order to assist Ecoize.com in their Manateeprotection program and site!

And the other songs honoring various other species will be offered as help to these groups, along with beautiful footage of them!

11. How would you describe your music?

As a whole, eclectic and diverse. I write in many different styles and, even though my voice is recognizable, I sing with styles and sounds for different songs and genres.

Each song I write has its’ own sound. 
12. Does your music have a message?

Sometimes. And also sometimes my music is completely just for fun, or merely to dance to, and other times, to tell a story like a myth.

Some have said there’s always a sense of longing in the songs or in my voice.

Often people have remarked that they’re something “dark” about my music, and I think it always has an underground, kind of mysterious edge to it, even spiritual at times.

I write as a percussionist, starting with rhythm, which I’m told is pretty rare.

I do create sunnier numbers too! I have some fun reggae type tunes on one of the new CDs!

When I’m writing music for causes, I write in a melodic way, in an accessible manner, to reach more people and to share causes with them. 
13. Can you tell us a little about your career? 

My career as a whole is eclectic, like my music. I adore recording, and being in the studio is awesome, and I also love to perform.

I do vast numbers of other creative things, too and really, due to being vegan, I have huge energy!

I love to draw and paint, and to write also. I even have two novels being published this year. The first is a chilling thriller, a ghost story and love story too - The Sea Wraithe. I also have a non-fiction book coming out called How to Save the World!

Along with my activism, which is a daily thing, helping animals and the helpless, I love to write articles on veganism, on Compassion, and on the environment.

One site, Ecoize.com, has even asked me to keep a blog there since I write on how to save the world.

My career is mainly, music, of course, and I write songs a lot!

There are other things I’m interested in, too, like I love films and I have a few movies I am going to produce and probably also direct. 
14 How do you see your career in five/ten years’ time? 

I’ll be creating and rescuing animals all my life. I’ll be creating and performing music, doing other media and I plan to have tons of wildlife and rescued animal sanctuaries. I have one already, and that is a great part of my life – I want to create a legacy and places where animals are safe from hunters and trees are safe from being felled and the land safe from developers.

I plan to set up a foundation to keep doing wonderful things forever! 
15. With your obviously busy lifestyle. How do you keep fit and healthy?

Being vegan makes that automatic! Veganizing bestows instant healthiness, energy, and as long as you move around some, fitness. I do love to dance, I surf, I do impromptu workouts, ride those of my rescued horses who like to be ridden, and I adore tending them and playing with them too, brushing them and so on, running through woodsy areas and on the beach, especially at night, playing kick ball and other games with my rescued dogs, spending time with my rescued cats, hamsters, birds, and others, and doing wildlife rescue, and I love to swim too.

In short, I have fun every day! Just having other species in the family makes me happy, keeps me lively and reminds me to smile!

Even when helping others involves heartbreak, just having my inter-specied family around me reminds me to stay buoyant, that life is transient, and that to be effective and strong, we need to stay happy. It’s easy being happy when you look into the face of your dog or cat or any other face! 
16. What is your favorite food?

Fruit! I have a smoothie every day, or more than one, and I like to put fruit even in salads!

The delectability factor is so extreme in fruit! The vivid colors and the exquisite fragrances let us know that fruit is meant to be the basis of our diets!

I also adore veggies, and nuts, and seeds, and rice and beans, and I love Compassionizing any recipe to a Vegan version- Veganizing it!

I usually eat veggies raw, and I also love steamed vegs!

People who’ve tried my Vegan versions of their favorite dishes always contact me later, saying they love the recipe, the products list, and that the Vegan version tastes way better than the cruelty one!

Vegan food tastes great!

17.What, in your opinion, are the important issues of the 21st century? 

If we green our diets right away on a huge scale, we can save the world. But only if we act right now and in a worldwide way.

It’s far more important than greening our cars. Along with that, we need to understand that we have ten times the number of sustainable population of humans alive today. Millions are starving. If we do not arrest our rampant breeding, then the future is at stake.

On the food issue – the fact that cattle-raising creates most of the air and water pollution, and deprives millions of the grain that would be grown in areas used now for grazing, is imperative for us all to understand. Meat-eating is causing humans to starve in huge numbers.

On human overpopulation - I’ve decided to be child-free since I love our planet. If I wanted children, I’d adopt rather than bear in order to help with the starving millions of children already alive. I might adopt when I am living a more stationary life in the future. I do virtual adoption already, and I urge everyone to! 

18.. Which issues are you currently involved in?

I’m involved in animal rights activism, in promoting veganism, and in being child-free and promoting environmental protection. They are all intimately connected. 
19. Do your ethical feelings for animals extend to the environment as well?

Yes. I love the planet as a whole, and I include all of us – all of us animals – in that love, along with trees, places, resources, and the cosmos. I believe that if we all include everything and every being in our love, we’ll find solutions to the planetary problems.

Actually, the way we live our lives and whether we allow our planet to survive – along with our own specie – is directly involved with how we treat other animals.

The facts are these: what we eat, or whom, determines whether our planet is polluted and dying or viable and surviving.

As I’d mentioned before, the cattle raising industries are the ones most responsible for air and water pollution, plus they’re tied to other polluting industries. The cattle grazing stops the land from being farmed for grain to feed the humans, meaning that if you eat meat you are causing human beings to die in the millions. Also, grain that would otherwise be fed to people is now fed to cattle as another way the cruelty industries are causing humans to starve.

So, to be an environmentalist is to be vegan.

To love humans and to care about the ones who are starving is to be vegan.

To save the world is to be vegan. 
20.What would you most like to achieve in your lifetime? 

I would like for my legacy to be that I inspire Compassion in millions of people for all the other beings.

Just as I know I save innocent lives every day, by every Compassionate meal I have, I would love to share this wonderful feeling with everyone alive. I’d love for all the people to go vegan which will heal them, create an openness in their hearts, align them with their souls, and bring everyone close in oneness – Compassion will save the world!

I most like to Compassionize as many as possible. 
Creating compassion worldwide, thereby saving animals, human health, the billions of other animals who now suffer and die in the cruelty industriesprotecting the environment, and creating harmony within our own souls, which naturally yearn to be kind to all helpless beings are what I promote. My music and other creative works are expressions of this goal. 
21. What changes would you like to see in our world?

I’d love to see awareness and understanding of the processes that have brought our world to its’ present state of disease, and to see logical and rational approaches to healing those problems. I’d like to see world leaders actually represent the populace instead of business concerns. I’d love to see internationalism supplant nationalism. I’d love to see veganism be the norm, and for compassion to be our standard of all living, everywhere. 
22. Are you involved in any other causes? 

Yes, all causes having to do with Compassion are causes I am involved with as an activist, using my talents, my resources and my knowledge to assist with the aspects of Compassion like saving the planet, going eco, going vegan, being child-free and/or adopting in order to save the millions of starving children, various animal welfare issues, including making sure that the Horses are saved from slaughter in America when the Senate votes on their fate, contributing to vegan efforts and of course, volunteering for wildlife rescue wherever I go. 
23. Is there a personal philosophy behind your lifestyle and practise? 

A philosophy? It’s more like the basis of life itself. I believe in Compassion for all beings.

I know that every great relgion originated with a master who had become enlightened when he or she discovered the oneness with all other beings, and they were led to be completely Compassionate, which means to become kind with our food.

I believe that if you start with Compassion, and if you direct every intention first to pass through the filter of Compassion, which is the natural state your soul aspires to, then always the right path will emerge.

I also know that to give is to live, and to help others is the true source of happiness and of healing and joy.

Good intentions without action are meaningless.

I also know this – that since we are on the brink of disaster, and since we humans can save the world, and since we’re the only ones who can save it, we must!

24. What are your hopes for the future? 

I am an optimist, and I believe in the better nature living inside each person.

In fact, I advocate first waking up to the realities facing us all today. Then, acknowledging that as the only specie who can save the world automatically elects us to do it! We’re on our own. It’s our responsibility, and it’s a heroic challenge!

If we elect to see that the world can be saved – there’s just enough time – and that we can all become active – after all, enlightenment without action is only a word – can live the love we profess for all the world, the other humans, and for the other animal species, as well as for the people who will come along – if we play our part now – in the future!

I read a compelling thing by a small child who wrote urgently, from his soul, that he understood that the world is in jeopardy, that he adores all the animals and trees, and that the world is SO beautiful!

It saddened me to realize that, to him, the world is still a paradise, while we who’ve seen it in better days tend to lament what is lost.

If we all honor him and all the babies coming along, if we truly care, then we will shoulder the mission together and save the world!

It is only the human animal that is able to save all the other species, and therefore, that is our mission. I believe that since Compassion to all beings will not only save the planet, the environment, the other animals, and ourselves, it’s a spiritual mandate for all of us to do everything we can every day of our lives in the service of Compassion in each one’s individual ways! 
25. Do you think that you are influencing others with your vegetarian lifestyle?

I know I am. I have heard too many personal stories about how something I’d said or written has encouraged someone to go vegan. In my own personal life, many people have liked what veganizing has done for me or for people in my life and actual healings of people have been accomplished by them converting to compassionate eating.

It is the most gratifying of all the things I do in life, to know that I have helped in some ways.

I know that my wildlife rescuing, and rescuing of pets, has helped many individuals tremendously, as has my message of Compassion for all beings, and to know that I have personally helped others to learn about the healing effects of being vegan is awesome! 
26. Is there anything more you would like to add? 

Yes, first of all, I am honored to be a part of your lovely Magazine, and I’m so appreciative of all the wonderful articles and information on Compassionate ways of living on our fragile planet that I’m happy for an opportunity to express my gratitude to you and to all of the staff ! 

One last thing – I’d like to ask everyone to become an activist!

Please go to the petition site and to PETA.org and to DActivist.com every day, and let your voice be heard!

We can save the world!

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