Tang Soo Do forms

Forms are the backbone of everything you do in Tang soo do

The forms as used in our classes are as shown below from the Tang Soo Do World website (www.tangsoodoworld.com)

Form (Hyung) Name

Form Characteristics

Kee Cho Hyung Il Boo (First Form one)
Kee Cho Hyung Ee Boo (First Form two)
Kee Cho Hyung Sam Boo (First form three)

Basic movements

Pyung Ahn Cho Dan
Pyung Ahn Ee Dan
Pyung Ahn Sam Dan
Pyung Ahn Sa Dan
Pyung Ahn O Dan
Turtle - To impart balance and comfort
Bassai (Ba Sa Hee) Cobra - Light, fast
Nai Han Ji Cho Dan
Nai Han Ji Ee Dan
Nai Han Ji Sam Dan
Horse (horse riding stance) - Heavy, strong
Jin Do Crane (One leg stance) - Active, light
Lo Hai Crane (One leg stance) - Poise, grace
Kong Sang Koon Eagle - Active
Sip Soo Bear - Powerful, slow
Sei Shan Preying Mantis - Semicircular steps
Wang Shu Bird - Speed control
Ji-On Mountain Goat (some say the Ram) - Hard and soft
O-Sip Sa Bo Tiger
Hwa Sun Pure Flower
Yuk Ro Cho Dan (Du Moon)
Yuk Ro Ee Dan (Joong Jol)
Yuk Ro Sam Dan (Po Wol)
Yuk Ro Sa Dan (Yang Pyun)
Yuk Ro O Dan (Sahl Chu)
Yuk Ro Yuk Dan (Choong Ro)
Top or Great Gate (Entering the Gate)
Cutting the middle
Embrace the Moon
High Whip
Killing Scale
Jumping, Capturing
Chil Sung Il Ro
Chil Sung Ee Ro
Chil Sung Sam Ro
Chil Sung Sa Ro
Chil Sung O Ro
Chil Sung Yuk Ro
Chil Sung Chil Ro
Seven Stars