What Clients Say

Listen. Inform. Analyze. Market. Close.

Maureen:  Thanks for your help in finding just the kind of place I had in mind. It was a pleasure to work with you.  --Engineer-Albany


Maureen:  Wishing you a heartfelt and big Thank You for your ENERGY, guidance, expertise and personal touch during our late autumn house search and purchase.—Spouse of Canadian corporate exec relocating from New Jersey



Maureen:  Your understanding of the market dynamics in the East Bay was extremely helpful.  Also your knowledge of 1031 strategies proved to be a major help.  I think we claimed the advantage over the seller in a seller’s market—how much better could it get?  --Art professor-Oakland

Maureen:   I believe you are the brightest and the best and will send people to you in a nanosecond.—Tax attorney-Oakland

Maureen:  Thanks so much for everything!  We are so happy with our house and really feel like you helped us make an informed choice.  (We enjoyed the mac’n’cheese too!)  --Startup exec and mom-Piedmont


Maureen:  As I mentioned at least 80 times, it was a pleasure to have someone as competentknowledgeable, and interested in our success as you are on our side. --Financial analyst relocated to Geneva


Maureen: Thanks so much for everything.  You were so much help and so much more thorough than any of our (previous realtor) experiences Chicago, Michigan, Cincinnati, Minneapolis-- you’re just phenomenal.  I’m so delighted with the way things turned out.—Spouse of corporate exec relocating to the East Bay, Oakland


Maureen:  Thanks a million Maureen, I looked through the [material you sent on a unique question]. I really appreciate your help and effort. Definitely, this effort is what won you that award!!!!—Financial advisor, San Francisco



Maureen:  First, let me say we love our new house.  The painters are removing the plastic from our windows and we are thrilled with the way it is looking.  Now, a little bit of landscaping and we should be ready for summer.  Thanks for your hard work on behalf of 25 Mesa - you did a fantastic marketing job.  Heck, we weren't even in the market and we bought the house.  Piedmont entrepreneur, buyer of a home for which I represented the seller


From Lisa Waldie, business development agent, Brand Agent (Dallas) and judge of the 2008 Leaders in Luxury Excellence in Personal Marketing award (which Kennedy earned):


Maureen Kennedy’s marketing collateral is clearly geared towards the luxury market and shows an across-the-board consistency in communicating a cohesive, customer message tailored to an exclusive client base. Kennedy’s approach to marketing crafts an individualized plan customized to each unique situation and client. Her stated core principles of Listen, Inform, Analyze, Market and Close communicate the very essence of successful luxury marketing. The result is a brand personality that is both unique and appealing to potential customers.

From the San Francisco Chronicle front page story in January 2007:

… She took out an ad in a local newspaper announcing a "Renovator's Open House" where experts would be on hand to consult with would-be buyers. Then she baked up some goodies with persimmons from the yard to feed the crowd.

A crowd it was -- and less than two weeks later, the house was in escrow at "well over the asking price." There'd been 30 requests for the disclosure packages of 150-some boring pages, resulting in eight offers -- in, remember, a buyer's market.

That represents a stunning success for a Bay Area real estate agent in the winter of 2007. There's simply no lamenting the frantic seller's market of a few years ago, Kennedy says.

"I put myself in the position of the buyer and said, what's going to be my issue?" Kennedy said. "What is there about the house that will attract me? What will be an obstacle? In this case, it was the idea of people without experience renovating, trying to figure out how to wrap their head around it, wondering, 'Is this something I can live through? Is it going to take over my life?' "

So in the living room, with its handcrafted wood details and large windows facing the bay, Kennedy had builder Paul Cerami, designer Angelisse Karol and MB Jessee Painting representative Maya Modacure man stations. …

"It would be great if doing something like this (renovator's open house) elevates the standard of practice," she said. "But I think what's important is the notion of a hand-crafted marketing plan -- because every house is different."


Maureen: Excellent management of the “complex” customer—me AND [my firm].  I’m sure it was not an easy or standard customer.—Corporate exec relocating from Italy-Oakland


Maureen: You made this potentially difficult transaction go as smoothly as I could have hoped. Thank you very much. –Trustee-Piedmont


After we closed, when my sale proceeds were misplaced by my bank for a few days, [Maureen] actually went to a branch and sat in the office until the staff were able to track down the funds, solve the problem, and make sure the money was transferred to the proper account.  –Artist and painter-Oakland

Maureen:  Thank you for the wonderful news and all that was done to have this go smoothly.  -Nathan Myhrvold and Rosemarie Havranek-Seattle area