Before we meet, please take a few minutes to review my professional background and credentials.   

While our meeting will focus on your needs and how best to approach the marketing and sale of your home, I want you to know you are working with a seasoned professional with exceptionally high work standards, unparalleled educational qualifications, and a very deep sense of ethics and discretion.

 My job is:

 ¨  to listen carefully to your needs, priorities and communication preferences,

¨ to advise you with the utmost professional care and insight,

¨ to market your home to buyers or your offer to sellers in clear, targeted, innovative and compelling ways,

¨ to negotiate creatively and strategically on your behalf,

¨ to work with our counterparts to close the transaction you agreed to, and

¨ to do so while protecting your privacy.

  Buying and selling a home is a rare occurrence for most of us.  You want to select a Realtor® (or better yet, a licensed  broker) who helps you feel confident, informed, and in control of the process.  Ask me how I have organized my business to do just that!

 Be sure to follow up with any questions you might have regarding my background; I will be happy to tell you more.  I look forward to working in partnership with you.