My Billy Cart Blue Print

This is all about my billy cart blue print  


Simple machine 

Compound machine 

My simple machine report

My compound machine report

My billy cart blue print

My Diary...

I did my billy cart blue print when it's math time. Most of us hadn't finish yet in math time, so Ibu Hana and Mrs Jane gave us some time  to continue it in UOI.


We must estimate and measure our billy cart. We use measuring tapes to estimate the length and width of our billy cart we also must measure the diameter of the wheels that we will have. The length of my billy cart is 75cm and the width is 45cm. My wheels diameter is only 10cm. My group is Shila and Suah because our length is nearl

y the same. Mandy is with Alizka, Jinju and Jesslyn. Hansen is with Raymond Beni and Kevin. And Brodie is with Andrew, Amanda and Jennifer. In


 that day (7/1/08) there is 5 student that didn't came,


They are Liza, Marchell, Michelle P and Michelle T. 



1.I'm thinking how would I sit.

2. I estimate and measure the length of my billy cart. 3.Then I also estimate and measure the width of it.     

I learned how to make a plan and do technical drawing to make a billy cart. I just know that make a billly cart is a little bit hard, but it's fun....