About Knowbodies

Knowbodies is a current awareness blog that provides news about websites, technology, resources, applications, trends and all manner of things that might be of interest to me and/or librarians and others with a professional interest in finding information. Petter Næss – not related to the film director – is me, and Knowbodies naturally reflects my particular interests and obsessions. Knowbodies seeks to emulate the many useful library blogs and current awareness sites that exist on the net, and aggregates a selection of them in the Netvibes portal Knowbodies: libraries & technology

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Readers are encouraged to contribute comments to the blog. Comments should be consistent with the blog's scope and focus, as outlined above. Comments that are obscene, slanderous or disrespectful will not be published, unless they are very funny. As a routine matter of editorial responsibility, I approve all comments before they are published, so do not despair if you do not see your comment appear immediately.

The patron saint of Knowbodies is the insatiably curious fellow in knee-breeches in Carl Spitzweg's 1850 painting "The Bookworm"

You can contact me at petter at gmail dot com

Petter Naess,
Nov 19, 2008, 6:25 AM