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Śrīmitra尸利蜜多羅 (C. 307~342)


Śrīmitra, a prince from Kucha (龜茲), resigned his throne to his younger brother to become a monk.  He came to China and spent some time in Luoyang (洛陽) from 307~312.  The wars in Luoyang forced him to travel south to Jiankang (建康), staying in the Jianchu Monastery (建初寺) of Sanghapala (康僧會).  As a result of his proximity with premier (丞相) Wangdao (王導), Śrīmitra was well-known among the gentry (名士).  He was over 80 years old, when he passed away.



Other Contributions

Śrīmitra was understood to be the first to transmit dharanis from the esoteric school (密教).  He translated 《大孔雀王神咒經》、《孔雀王雜神咒》、《大灌頂神咒經》etc.


Śrīmitra was also well-known for his chanting (梵唄), and passed this on to his disciple Mili (覓歷).  Śrīmitra was instrumental in popularizing chanting (especially among the gentry), as did Sanghapala.




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