Global Star Capital, a subsidiary of Global Star Talent, Inc. (Not a talent agency), is a high end consulting company that specializes in services and assisting client obtain project funding. The company has more than a dozen specialties, including startups, acquisitions, mergers, buyouts, and a wide variety of loans. Loans include those secured by collateral and hard money, international, land, construction, mezzanine, and bridge loans all through facilitators and gate keeper organizations. Global Star Capital's referal presentations are directed at facilitators and gate keeper organizations who services include private trust funds, private companies and groups, hedge funds, hard money lenders, and merchant banks as direct sources. 

Solvent clients work with Global Star Capital on projects starting at $150,000 in sectors such as land and commercial property development, green building, alternative energy, medicine, transportation, technology, and business growth. Global Star Capital, which has assisted projects in more than 100 countries, accepts clients from a variety of locations in Europe, Asia, North America, Central America, the Middle East, and Africa plus other parts of the globe.

Global Star Capital was founded in 1991 by Rich Cocovich, a graduate of Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. His clients have included household names and world governments. The paid business consultant also has raised money for charity. 

A full screening is required before Global Star Capital takes on a new client or project. Mr. Cocovich insists that potential clients learn and accept his protocol beforehand, as he does not make exceptions. The process calls for Global Star Capital to work directly with funding source facilitators and gate keeper organizations on the client's behalf, but not as a broker. Instead, Global Star Capital functions as the high end consultant needed by the principal, constructing the game plan plans for clients based on the requirements of the funding sources as dictated by their facilitators and gate keeper organizations. 

To receive Global Star Capital's services, an intermediary, broker or project principal must apply and submit a project proposal. The individual or group is then contacted via email by an executive of Global Star Capital, who follows up with a phone conference to explain the process of working with the company. Following this conversation, if everything is satisfactory, the client has a conference call with Mr. Cocovich. If the client passes the screening, the client is offered the ability to have Global Star Capital and Mr. Cocovich service the project under full engagement.

Global Star Capital and it's founder Rich Cocovich are in high demand world wide.  They invite all solvent and prepared principals to begin their process at the company web site www.globalstarcapital.com or www.globalstarcapital.net and follow the OUR PROCESS section fully.