Announcement of the Orthodox Church of Greece
The Holy Synod of Greece
(article 2426, dated April 1, 1986) 

To the faithful people of Greece and the clergy of Greece: 

An embryo is a complete and perfect man from the time of conception. Therefore, abortion is considered murder. It is an act that deprives a human being from the great value of life. The Holy Synod studied in detail the issue and responsibly pleads with all faithful Christians to avoid by all means abortion, because it is premeditated murder, a deadly sin which is punished strictly by penances, and if the sin is left without repentance it brings about the deprivation of the Kingdom of God. The Church blesses all those, who despite the difficult and ephemeral times, prioritize the responsibility we have in front of God and His great gift of Life and allow God to govern their lives under the light of His Will and our duty to God. 

source: The Truth About Abortions, published (in Greek) by Orthodox Kypseli, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2011, page 11; translated by OrthodoxProLife