The Effect of Abortion on Orthodox Nations

And Isaac entreated the Lord for his wife, because she was barren: and the Lord was entreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived. And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to inquire of the Lord. And the Lord said unto her: Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels.

Genesis 25:21-23

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“As man is falling away from God he becomes more and more influenced by the evil one. The evil one wants to create a world ruled by demons. Our county (Greece) is going through turmoil because the evil one has been allowed to dwell among us, and we have sinned and brought punishments unto ourselves - 250,000 abortions each year - is it not true then that we are ruled by demons?”

Father Stephanos Anagnostopoulos (Greece)

translated from Greek, from his book: The Prayer in the World, Athens, Greece

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What is the cause of the difficulties that we, as a nation (Russia), are now experiencing? Why is the richest country in the world found almost at the verge of poverty? Are Gorbachev, Stalin, or Lenin at fault? No, this is the punishment of God. The earth can no longer endure the horrible lawlessness that is done on it. Now much is said concerning the rebirth of Russia. Where should we begin it? In order to regenerate the economy, culture, and morality, we must stop doing the most terrible sins. And there is nothing more terrible than infanticide. We must stop killing our own children!

Protopriest Demetry Smirnov (Russia)

translated from Russian, from 'A Sermon on the Day of the Infants Slain in Bethlehem'

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"Abortion is a great sin before God, and it is a reason why such terrible misfortunes have befallen our nation (Serbia)."

-Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica (Serbia)

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Abortion and the Culture Wars:
A Struggle Between Incompatible Views of Morality and Reality

The number of unborn children killed in their mother’s womb across the world is more than the entire population of Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Canada, Romania, Poland, or Spain. It may even be equivalent to killing the entire population of France annually. Abortion has become particularly widespread in Eastern Europe, where the previous atheist-communist regimes brutally disrupted and dismantled Orthodox Christian culture and institutions.

In Eastern Europe in the late 1990’s, there were close to 75 abortions per 1000 women in the age range from 15 to 44, as compared to less than 20 abortions per 1000 in the rest of Europe. Of all pregnancies, in Russia 57% ended with abortion, in the Ukraine 53%, in Belarus 52%, in Romania 47%, compared to 13% in Spain. In Greece about 11% of all pregnancies end in abortion, compared with about one in four in the United States. Abortion’s widespread use is a special shame for countries whose cultural inheritance is predominantly Orthodox.

This slaughter is very evil, but there is an element worse than the homicides themselves. There is a systematic, culturally grounded failure to grasp, much less acknowledge, the evil of abortion. It is impossible to account for the widespread use of abortion apart from the character and significance of the secular culture within which it occurs. Acting immorally, acting sinfully, is surely wrong. But that wrongness has a remedy at hand, as long as the evil is acknowledged. The thief on the cross starts his journey to repentance and salvation when he confronts the truth, “we are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve” (Luke 23:40). The striking feature of the contemporary culture is precisely its shamelessness. The recognition of the evil of abortion is absent from the emerging, dominant, secular, global culture.

by Herman T. Engelhardt
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Homily on Abortion by Geronda Ephraim of Philotheou
Prior to the 1986 Legalization of Abortion in Greece

A few days ago, I came across an article written by a physician, and I would like to read it to you, as I think it will help you to understand what abortion is from a practical and scientific point of view. The title of the article is: “The Finishing Blow.” I will read you the original text.

“As the daily media informs us, there will be a vote. In particular, a vote on what will be the most villainous bill ever to pass through the Greek Parliament. At a time when the Greek nation is on the verge of extinction, this decision will serve as the ultimate finishing blow. Unfortunately, this crime is becoming legal... 

If this proposed bill is not rejected, then the blood of these defenseless individuals will become a pool in which Greece will drown. And then, our nation's various enemies will raise a sorrowful sign that reads, 'Greece has vanished.' For the enemies, this title will be the cause of villainous joy; for true Greeks and Christians, however, the cause of deep sorrow and great shame.”

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For many who live secularly, the family today has no meaning. For this reason either they do not marry, or they marry and do not have children, or they kill the children with abortions, and in this way, by themselves, they wipe out their lineage. God does not destroy them; they destroy themselves.

-St. Paisios the Athonite

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De-population and De-Christianization
Leading to Cultural Islamic Jihad

The de-Christianization of Europe, the “removal of Christian principles and institutions from the daily life of a country,” has created a religious and social vacuum that is being filled by Islam, a prominent speaker said on Thursday. Raymond de Souza, the Program Director for Portuguese-speaking countries for Human Life International told an audience of the world’s pro-life and pro-family leaders that “ Europe … is being culturally Islamized.”

“The world in general, and the West in particular, is undergoing a tragic process of de-Christianization. Christian principles, values and institutions have been extirpated from our social, economic, political, legal, educational structures. Sometimes publicly, sometimes stealthily, the process has wrought havoc in Europe and the countries that descended from them.”

The cause underlying this “silent Jihad,” he said, is the “most crucial aspect” of Europe’s de-Christianization. [It is] de-population. “Europeans do not even replace their countries populations.”

“As one Moslem mullah said to an Anglican priest in London, ‘By the end of this century, all great English Cathedrals will be mosques. Why? Because we have children, and you don’t’.

“Contraception promised a freedom without responsibility, abortion promises the right to do one’s own thing with one’s own body, homosexual marriage promises respect for different orientations … result: the end of civilization as we knew it.”

The cultural revolution, he said, is reaching a “climax, in which governments from virtually all countries in the world declare war against human nature, exemplified in the family.”

“The Culture of Death … today reigns supreme. Its weapons are Contraception, in-vitro fertilization, abortion, euthanasia, experimentation with human embryos, homosexual marriage.

By Hilary White
ROME, October 12, 2010

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One great sin is abortion which is murder. We are killing our nation and soon this country will not have children but only elderly. Women and girls who are listening: Never do this sin in your life because you will be condemned. The Turkish women have 7-8 children. The Greek women do not have children. This is a disaster for our historic nation. 300,000 abortions happen each year in our nation which are equal to 300,000 murders. Great is our responsibility. We have become a sinful nation allowing these abortions. If we do not repent, great shall be the wrath of God upon us. And it will come.....

Bishop Augustinos Kantiotis of Florina, Greece

translated from Greek from

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“The Greeks have only 1.5 children per mother. But look at other countries—they have more. They are non-Christian countries. Bishop Augustinos of Florina cautioned the politicians not to vote for abortion because this would mean that Greece would be destroyed and punished by God. We should be honored that our nation was enlightened by God. Greeks were chosen to be converted from pagans to Orthodox Christians by grace of Christ Himself and the works of His Apostles. How much longer will God tolerate us sinners? They have legalized a great sin: abortion. Women can legally go and sin and when they get pregnant then they kill what grows inside of them and the government funds these acts. The abortions are not prohibited. God is punishing our nation because of this sin and slowly we are becoming a huge nursing home. But our neighbors are increasing like the grains of sand. They have 7 to 8 children; our women have 1.5 children."

Father Savvas Achilles

translated from Greek, from his homily on youTube

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The Demographic Problem in Greece 

from a news article in Greece titled:
"Mothers of Greece, Our Nation Needs You! Do Not Abort Your Children! 
Our Civilization is Disappearing! The Demographic Problem in Greece"

The demographic problem is becoming extensively dangerous for the Greek nation. By 2025 Greek population will be 9 million and Turkish population will be 100 million while Albanian population will be 12 million.

Children per woman in Greece: in 1950: 2.4; in 1960: 2.28; and in 1991: 1.4

Children per woman in 1991: in Italy 1.3; in Germany 1.35; in Greece 1.4; in Bulgaria 1.87; in ALBANIA 2.9; in TURKEY 3.7. The European Union average in 1991 was 1.55 children per woman.

In 1995, UNICEF mentioned that Greece had dropped to an average of children per woman to 1.2

Comparing Turkish and Greek populations: Increase of population from 1950-1990: in Greece 34%; in Albania 161%; and in Turkey 172%.

When comparing births to deaths from 1986 to 1990: in Greece 10 births per 9 deaths; Albania 25 births per 6 deaths; Turkey 30 births per 8 deaths.

Also compare the percentage of youth in the populations in 1990: Greece: 20.3 %; Turkey: 51.2%

When Greece had a population 9.9 million in 1985, Turkey had a population of 47.7 million. And by 2050, it is expected that Greece will have a population of 8.1 million and Turkey will have a population of 94.7 million.

It would also be interesting to look at the city of Xanthi, Greece where an ethnic demographic problem has become very alarming. In Xanthi, in 1991 Christian births were 37 and Moslem births were 51. Christian deaths were 18 and Moslem deaths were 2.

In 1950, our youth was 28.6% of the population and our elderly was 6.7% of the population. In 1990, the youth decreased to 20.3% of the population and the elderly increased to 12.3% of the population. In 2000, the elderly reached 17.25% of the population.

In 1951, we had one man on pension per 14 men working. In 1997, we had one man on pension per 1 man working.

Translated from Greek from

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In Greece abortion was a persecuted crime until 1986. However, abortions were already taking place years before in Greece illegally. It is estimated that in recent years 200,000 abortions take place annually in Greece. This is double the number of births. If we also take into consideration the demographic problem that Greece is facing, we realize how serious is the issue of so many abortions. If these children were allowed to live, they would solve our demographic problem.

Dr. Ananias Kavakas, neurologist-psychologist

translated from Greek, from his article titled 'Abortions: The Problem and The Moral Consequences'

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“The country, the government, and the Church have to become active so that people can be informed about the consequences that abortions have on the demographics. The priests need to explain what the Holy Gospel says and that abortion is against the commandments of God. The physicians also need to inform people about the dangers that women have when having an abortion. When a law - that is against the Laws of God - is approved, then God punishes the nation so that the nation repents.”

Geronda Paisios of Holy Mountain

Translated from Greek, from The Life of Geronda Paisios the Agioreite, by Hieromonk Isaac, Holy Mountain, 2004

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'First in Abortions'
excerpt from news article in Greece

The statistics for births and abortions change constantly as the immigrants from other countries move into Greece. Currently, in every 100,000 pregnancies in Greece, 20,000-30,000 are immigrant women that have moved into the country.

Gypsies in Greece account for 70% of the births under 18 years of age. The gypsies do not have abortions but Greek women do. Abortion is used as a method of birth control in Greece among Greek women and has high rates among teenage population under 18 years.

In a clinic, called 'Alexandra', that does 400 abortions annually, 3.1 % of all abortions done are among teenagers under 18. 70% of the teenage abortions are Greek teenage young women. Of all the abortions done on women ages 15-48: 57% are married women, 38% are unmarried, 3.8% are divorced and 0.7% are widows.

The professor of obstetrics, Aris Antzaklis who is also the director of the Clinic, indicates that the majority of the abortions at Clinic Alexandra are married women. These women claim that they go through with abortions because they feel financial strain.

by Avra Grigoriou

translated from the Greek newspaper: Eleuthrotypia, 2 May 2010, p. 45

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“When I was assigned the work of a confessor and I heard that 80% of the married women would abort, I was astonished. When I heard that not only unmarried, but also married (with 1 or 2 children) would commit the terrible crime of abortion if they were found pregnant, I was astonished. Abortion is the misery of the most miserable life.”

-an Orthodox priest in Greece

translated from the Greek magazine: Politekni Oikogeneia, volume 127

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We Serbs Will Soon be a Minority in our own Land
Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica (Serbia)

Women who have had abortions are under penance to abstain from Holy Communion until they have repented. This is a great sin before God, and it is a reason why such terrible misfortunes have befallen our nation (Serbia).

Our people are terribly guilty of this sin. Entire villages have disappeared. When I was a child there were one hundred and ten homes in Vitovnica. Now less than half of them are standing. It is a sad thing that we Serbs will soon be a minority in our own land, for other nations will come and populate our lands. This is very sad. People also make a mistake when they divide their property among their children. In Germany, for example, this is not the case. Only one son stays on the farm; the others must find work. Here in Serbia, small pieces of land are divided into yet smaller pieces. What will we do when it is not possible divide the land any further? But look at the gypsies! They have neither home nor land nor bread to eat, but their tents are full of children! It is very sad what we are doing to ourselves. Let us repent and become better, if we can!

from Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

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Confession of a Serbian Abortionist
excerpts from an interview with Dr. Stoyan Antasevich (Serbia)

Dr. Stoyan Antasevich is the only Serbian gynecologist who has publicly declared that abortion is murder. He has further declared that responsibility for this murder is attributed to both the mother as well as the gynecologist who performs the abortion. Dr. Antasevich has recently published a book (in Serbian), titled The Sanctity of Life. It is a collection of articles on the treacherous and horrible crime of infanticide within the womb of the mother. He gave an interview that was published within the pages of the Serbian periodical Orthodoxy. The content of this interview is quite shocking due to its subject matter as well as Dr. Antasevich's sincerity and frankness. A more fitting name for this interview would have been “A Public Confession and Repentance.” We provide a portion of this valuable and precious testimony.

QUESTION: Is there accurate information or statistical data on the number of abortions performed each year in Serbia?

ANSWER: It is impossible to obtain accurate information, and I consider all of the existing statistical data as suspect, at best. Some of the sources indicate that we perform 120,000 abortions per year; other sources inform us that the number may be significantly higher, by order of magnitude, and as much as 420,000 abortions per year. It is my personal, professional opinion, that we perform 25 abortions for every one child that is born!

From the Greek Orthodox publication “St. Philotheos of Paros”, Jan.-April 2006 issue, pp. 96-100 (translated from the Greek by the staff of the Greek Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Poimen).

Orthodox Heritage, April 2006, volume 4, issue 4, pages 11-12 (

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Abortion in Serbia

In post-Communist Serbia, the Serbian Constitution of April 1992 eliminated Article 191 of the Yugoslav constitution, which guaranteed abortion as a right. A few months later, the Serbian Parliament removed abortion from the list of medical services covered by insurance, and new legislation restricted access to abortion. Legal abortion availability after 10 weeks was legal for purely medical (life threatening) reasons and not for rape. Unfortunately, the Women’s Law Advocacy Centre campaign of August 1994 against the restrictive abortion law got it withdrawn. In early 1993, the Serbian Orthodox Church called for the banning of abortion. Women’s groups protested on the streets of Belgrade, causing a huge stir. In March 2000, the Serbian Orthodox Church sent a letter to its priests telling them “not to grant Holy Communion” to doctors and midwives known to perform abortions. “Abortion is a grievous sin before God, condemned by the Scriptures,” reads the letter by the Church’s highest body, the Holy Synod. “As such, it threatens the entire Serbian nation with biological extermination.” The biggest supporter of abortions in Serbia had been the George “Soros foundations” which have been kicked out of that country. It is interesting to note that Mr. Soros’ foundations have as a primary objective “to improve the availability and quality of abortion services.” As of the early 1990s, 29 “Soros Foundations” were active in every post-communist country. In 1994, his foundations spent a total of $300 million; by 1998, that figure had risen to $574 million. These are enormous sums in an impoverished and vulnerable Eastern Europe. Current spending figures have not been uncovered. One can not help but wonder: Why is the compassionate, liberal, abortion-worshipper Soros so interested in promoting more abortions in Eastern Europe? One, for example, will look in vain for breast-cancer detection or prenatal or postnatal care funding by his foundations; yet for pro-abortion, the sky is the limit. Overpopulation cannot be the reason: The region is experiencing a colossal demographic collapse and has some of the lowest fertility rates in the world. Unavailability of abortion cannot be the answer either. According to a recent U.N. report, five European countries had more abortions than live births in 2000—the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Belarus, Rumania, and Ukraine. Overall, the report said, abortion rates are “substantially higher in central and eastern Europe and the CIS countries than in western Europe and North America.” The only logical answer is that Soros wants as few Eastern Europeans born into this world as possible...

by the editors of the Orthodox Heritage 
Orthodox Heritage, April 2006, volume 4, issue 4, page 12 (

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Romania registered 22 million abortions between 1958 and 2008,
more abortions than the current population

The number of abortions registered between 1958 and 2008 is higher than the current population of Romania. These terrifying statistics prove the disastrous demographic policies Romania had in different periods of its recent history, according to Romania Libera [Romania's national newspaper].

Figures speak for themselves- 22,178,906 abortions, performed between 1958 and 2008. The data belong to the Center of Calculation, Sanitary Statistics and Research within the Ministry of Health. Even more interesting is the fact that, at the end of this period, in 2008, Romania’s population, according to the official data, had 21,504,442 inhabitants. So the number of abortions in the 50 years is higher than the current population of the country.

"Such phenomenon has never happened in another European country. Only in Russia the number of abortions could have been higher." said Vasile Gheţău, demography teacher at the Sociology and Social Assistance Faculty of Bucharest University and director of the Demographic Research Center "Vladimir Trebici", within the National Institute of Economic Research of the Romanian Academy. The average number of abortions performed in Romania exceeds the western European average. In Romania a woman has in average three abortions in her life, while in western Europe a woman has in average one abortion.

In 1957 the Decree 463, which legalized abortion, was issued. 1990, the first year after the fall of the communist regime was the top year of abortions. This is when 992,265 abortions were performed. But the record was reached in full communism, in 1965, when 1,115,000 abortions were performed. The year 1966 brings the Decree 770, which many remember as the moment when abortion was banned. Women who got pregnant before 40 were obliged to give birth. Women could only have abortions if they already had four children or from strictly medical reasons. The number of abortions dropped significantly after 1966. The data collected by the Sexual and Contraceptive Society show that at least 15,000 women died until 1989, due to this [abortions].

The Bucharest Herald, Feb. 22, 2011

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A Tip of a Sword Pointed Against the Romanian People:
excerpts from an interview with Father Nicolae Tanase
from Provita, Valea Plopului, Romania

Interviewer: Fr. Nicolae, we invite you to talk about abortion and its consequences. My first question is: in the Romanian and world history, did women commit abortions?

Fr. Nicolae: Even in the old days women practiced abortions but they were not Christians. And then abortion was an exception, not the rule, as it has become now, when more children are killed than born. A woman gives birth to a child and kills eight, gives birth to three and kills twenty. Elder Cleopa discovered the greatest number of abortions: fifty five!!! Keep in mind that these abortions are committed by the women whom we [the priests] baptized, confessed, and got married in church. It is the Orthodox who commit abortions. This is the type of people we are! As a rule, the unborn children are killed by people, men and women, because men are even more guilty than women, who are under a certain influence from neighbors, acquaintances, relatives, television, family planning offices, from everywhere, but above all from their own commodity. In my opinion, the increased number of abortions is a tip of a sword pointed against the Romanian people and its faith. Because all the technologies necessary to perform abortions as well as the other techniques to prevent life come from the West. Before, this technique aimed at destroying our nation was coming from Istanbul [Turkey]. In the past, the Turks imposed an yearly “tribute of children” and have succeeded to reduce our population.

Interviewer: As you have mentioned during the conferences held around the country, Romanians have an huge number of abortions per population. Apparently, there have been 15-16 million official abortions during the last sixteen years of so called freedom.

Fr. Nicolae: In fact, during the sixteen years post-December [1989], were registered 17.200.000 abortions. This nearly equals the number of people currently living in our country. If we consider that from 22 million, approximately 4 million Romanians are living abroad, the remainder is 18 million, which means that there have been as many unborn children killed as the number of people currently living in Romania.

Interviewer: I wonder why, we, an Orthodox nation, with an old family tradition, have gotten into this unbelievable situation?

Fr. Nicolae: It doesn't matter the number of children born but the number of children raised, educated, and dedicated to the kingdom of God, to heaven. On the other hand, count the number of abortions. It is not important how many children you have but how many you killed. A woman may give birth to just one child. Or you can have eighteen children but if you kill one, in that instant, you are with the criminals. And it isn't the crime itself the greatest problem, but lacking the child of the light of the Holy Baptism. The crime is a horrendous act, but the greatest, incurable evil is depriving the child of the Baptism.

Interviewer: Going back to my previous question: why are there so many abortions in our country?

Fr. Nicolae: For two reasons: the lack of faith and commodity. If we had faith in God, we would not kill His image in man. Isn't it more convenient to get rid of a baby or not conceive children than giving birth? Giving birth to a child means to carry the baby nine months in your womb, to follow certain treatments, to take calcium if needed, to stay at home, and afterwards, to lose sleep and put effort into caring and protecting your newborn baby.

Interviewer: However, there are other nations, wealthier than us, and they are not world champions in abortions.

Fr. Nicolae: They are not champions of abortions with the curette, because it hurts, but they are by far champions at condoms and contraception. It's another type of immolation. Preventing life is even more serious than suppressing life. Using a condom means you prevent the moment when God wants to plant a soul in a body conceived by a man and a woman.

Interviewer: The anti-baby pills, so called contraceptives, are also lethal poisons.

Fr. Nicolae: Yes, because they are not contraceptive, they are abortive. If they were contraceptive, they would lead to a different sin, but they are abortive; they kill the child up to 14 days old.

Interviewer: If in our country the sin of abortion has reached catastrophic numbers, isn't it that the punishments from above will weigh in the same measure? How do you see the consequences of the unbelievable increase in the number of abortions?

Fr. Nicolae: The end is near! God looks at the sinners and the righteous in the same way; it rains in the same way above all, the sun raises and shines equally for the faithful and the unfaithful. God looks at us as a whole. At the Judgment we'll come with our nation not separately. We will be judged as individuals but within our nation. If our nation opposes God, fights against God, it will disappear! There could be hope of redemption for our nation but we are enslaved by this horrifying sin. Such a great sin next to such beautiful traditions, next to self-sacrifying, confessing faith.

Interviewer: A paradox!

Fr. Nicolae: Yes. We are a country with 543 monasteries and over 6000 monastics, the country with the greatest number of Holy Liturgies, the country with the greatest number of churches per square feet. We are the country with people who can spend nights praying on their knees. We are the the country which, in certain moments in history, has saved the Holy Mountain and now saves the West through faith. Oh, well, this country must be destroyed to remain a surface with forests, green grass, highways, a place for tourism and nothing more. In churches and monasteries, one will admire the art without seeking the Divine Liturgy, the gloss not the essence. Even now, there are monastery tour guides who talk exclusively about the craftsmanship of the builders and the painters of our churches. They fill the pilgrims' heads with history without even mentioning about the Liturgies served there. There have even been decisions such as this one: “We no longer serve in this church because we smoke the paint.” If the founder of the church would raise from the tomb and hear such things, he would immediately destroy the place. The founder did not paint the church not to serve in it anymore but to have the Divine Liturgy served there continuously.

Interviewer: Going back to an idea mentioned before referring to sin: depravation, night clubs, television, bars and pubs, are they also contributing causes to the proliferation of abortion?

Fr. Nicolae: Those are not the cause, but the provocation. The cause lays, as I mentioned before, in the lack of faith and commodity. A man of faith would not kill anyone. Unfortunately, in our country, the gypsies are the only ones who do not kill their unborn babies. This is why they are going to rule us. The Apocalypse talks about Gog and Magog, the yellow race, who will rule. And this is will happen. The Occident is full of Chinese, Japanese, Blacks, Indians, whom we respect as they too are created by the image of God, although they are not Christians. We don't have anything against them, we have against us, because we know the Truth. We have been Christians for two thousand years, a fact for which we are often proud for no good reason. We are Christians from our Baptism not for two thousand years. What good it does to me that my nation has been Christian for two thousand years if I am infamous and despicable? The Russians were christened a thousand years later. Oh well, the Russians go to the Liturgy and they freeze, they don't even kneel during the whole service. This is how they live the Liturgy! Each nation is what it has remained, not what it was in the past. Past glory is not important, important is the height of the present living.

Interviewer: How do you think we can be saved and free ourselves from this sin that has conquered the whole nation?

Fr. Nicolae: The sin of abortion has not conquered all the individuals, but it has conquered the whole nation. Because those who do not commit abortions, they don't fight against abortions, they don't delimit themselves from what is happening around them. For example, the president of the country should say: “Personally, I am against abortions, although the law provides otherwise.” This should happen with every representative, deputy, congressman, who must be a moral example in front of the people. But they don't do it. I am going to say something very grave, for which I may be criticized and judged: there's no escape! Only if we could turn around 180 degrees, but that is very hard. There's no escape for the nation, but there's hope for salvation for those individuals who want to understand.

excerpts from an interview with Father Nicoale Tanase by Ioan Enache,

translated from Romanian from “Orthodox Faith”, 2006

* * * * * * *

Something Tragic is Happening to the Russian Land
Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov (Russia)

Many of our compatriots see now with pain that something tragic is happening to the Russian land, our beloved fatherland. The once holistic Homeland is falling apart into scattered, and what is most fearful, mutually hostile parts. Scrutinizing the causes of this collapse, we grasp that faith has been lost, culture has been lost, economic unity has been lost. […] Everything happening to us now is the righteous retribution of God. […] The fact that every day in our country, several thousand murders of infants in the womb occur; that an infant’s little body, not yet born into the world, is dismembered under the knife of a murderer; that an infant’s soul is killed;—this is the main cause of any and all external collapse, tragedy, and the troublesome time we are living through. The silent cry of every such little infant ascends to the heavens and cries for vengeance for the crime. Truly, only after breaking out into the world and assimilating with our mind and heart the truth of Christian faith and morality can we see this fearful, impenetrable darkness of sin, in which is shrouded the whole earth, and our Homeland in particular, and can we be horrified at the measure of the immeasurable crime which occurs now, and which does not provoke a feeling of disgust, shame, or repentance from anyone.

Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov of Russia

translated from Russian from article titled: Forgive Me, O Lord posted online at

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Abortion in Russia: An Invention of the Communists 
“Getting Rid of the Hunger Problem
by Decreasing the Number of the People who Eat”
by Priest Maxim Oboukhov, 
Director of educational center “Zhizn” (Life), Moscow, Russia

When I speak about the abortion problem, I always remember an old Soviet slogan which you could see in every Soviet city: “The work of Lenin is alive”. This work is really alive: the first Communist country was the first country in the world that legalized the killing of unborn children.
 The Communists had brought a lot of terrible things into human civilization: a new model of economics, new literature, new morals and new logic. In line with this logic, they made a new discovery: “One can get rid of the hunger problem by decreasing the number of people who eat!
 Lenin’s government spread this terrible invention; at first through the Bolsheviks, then by Margaret Sanger, and then by the birth control movements that followed. 
 The famous Russian writer, Ivan Bunin wrote: “The hellish secret of the Bolsheviks is to kill the sensitive… you can imagine seven murdered, but not seven hundred.” After the usurpation of the power in Russia, Bolsheviks used to kill thousands and thousands of innocent people. You could not imagine the number of people killed and the hundreds of millions of children killed by the communists and their abortionist followers in many countries. 
 The history of abortions in Russia:
 On November 18, 1920 abortions were legalized by the Communist government. At the same time, Christians were massacred all over the country. There were so many victims among Christians that they think the number of martyrs was greater than in the first centuries. 
 We understand that at that time the Church was not able to stand up against abortions. In 1943 when wide persecution of the faith had stopped, there were very few bishops and priests who were not in prisons or prison camps. However, at that moment, the government prohibited abortions for a short time. After the death of Stalin, the communists had legalized abortions again (Khrushchev). During Khrushchev’s reign in the 1950s, persecution of the Churches proceeded with a renewed tempo. Thousands of Churches were closed and the priests could not preach against abortions. After Khrushchev’s era was over, the same situation remained and the majority of the parishes consisted mainly of old women.
 At last, in the1990s we have obtained the opportunity to openly oppose the killing of the unborn children. We have realized that during the last 70 years we have lost precious time. The consciousness of the nation had changed dramatically as a result of those seventy years when abortion was actively encouraged. Thus, the most dreadful result of the last decades was that an abortion became a normal and ordinary thing to do.
 Everybody has a conscience. Many people hesitate before an abortion no matter what their religion or point of view on that subject might be. However, when an abortion becomes an ordinary event in society, it is easier to overcome the internal resistance of the conscience. People start to behave “as everyone else”. The number of abortions has increased and is a sign of spiritual regression in Russia. Abortions are now a common event and are performed in hospitals. The physicians in Russia do not have a right to refuse to do an abortion. The same medical staff that kills the unborn babies helps other women to deliver their babies. Gynecologists who believe in God leave their work and our gynecology, step by step, becomes an atheistic vocation.
 The so-called “fetal therapy” is in use in Russia. This is a sort of cannibalism, when the parts of the body of an unborn child may be used for medical purposes. Officially an abortion is legal before 12 weeks but according to a social indication it can be done before 22 weeks. They say that it was done to get more materials for a monstrous fetal therapy. It costs a lot of money and the citizens of the countries where fetal therapy is illegal come to us for that. There are a lot of abortions performed in Russia. Every year 2.5 million babies are killed, but it’s only according to the official statistics, which are not accurate. There are 100,000 in Moscow alone. This means that two of every three children are killed by means of an abortion. But the number of abortions is now very slowly decreasing. I am sure that this has to do with the activity of the Russian Orthodox Church. In spite of that, Russia is still one of the most abortionist countries. It happens not because we are cruel but because when a young lady goes for an abortion, she understands that her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother did the same. They look at the abortion procedure as if it were a tooth extraction. Sometimes you meet a woman who has had 5 to 10 abortions. Only 5% of babies in Russia are born healthy because a woman cannot give birth to a healthy child after an abortion. 25% of the couples are not fertile. Some of the experts think that the destruction of the USSR happened because Russians had become a national minority there.

Now we have the possibility to oppose abortion. The Pro-life movement started in the beginning of the 1990s and is about 7 years old. Our organization has existed for 6 years [as of 1999]. There are pro-life groups in about 50 regions in Russia and some in Ukraine and Belarus. Most of them are located in the large cities, in the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church. The main form of work is distributing information of any kind. Our group publishes a newsletter six times a year and distributes information through all possible ways. Such a form of consulting the women who are going to do an abortion is in wide use. Usually, we distribute leaflets and brochures that help gynecologists speak to pregnant women, give lectures to teenagers about abortions and the dangers of premarital sex. Working in defense of life, we face some difficulties. The main one was mentioned above: an abortion became a normal thing in Russia. This is a great barrier in our work. The next trouble for us is lack of sympathy from physicians, who look negatively at the anti-abortion activity. However, the most danger is from the Russian Planned Parenthood Association.
 We are anxious about activity of Planned Parenthood in Russia. Our country is in a great demographic crisis and we look at this organization as on of the most destructive organizations in Russia. It diminishes our population by basically deterring people from wanting to have a good healthy family with children. We lost 20 million victims during World War II and our demographic crisis began back then and is connected to our losses in that war. It means that International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) continues the work unfinished by the Nazis. This fact increases anti-American and anti-Western views here. 
 Some call what is happening a sexual revolution. That is a good comparison because there is a connection between sexual and communist revolutions….
 During the French Revolution abortions were legalized.
 It is well known that revolutionaries who suffused Russia with blood upheld a very liberal view on sexuality. They even refused to recognize marriage as part of human nature. 
 According to an original communist’s teaching, marriage should disappear in the future. If you compare the teachings of sexual and communist revolutionaries, you will find many similarities.
 Like the communists, they are possessed with the idea of a global change of the world and the whole society, including destroying the moral, traditional and religious values. 
 Some Soviet high-level officials now actively support the Planned Parenthood Federation in Russia. They are: the president of the Russian Planned Parenthood Association V.I. Kulakov, the leader of the Russian feminist movement E.F. Lakhova, Vaganov, Kulakov V.I., Igor Kon and the others.
 An anchor of the famous sexological antichristian newscast in Moscow is Helen Khanga, a granddaughter of the Black American communist who came to the Soviet Union from USA to build communism. 
 Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), a crazy Marxist and preacher of the sexual revolution, supposed that traditional sexual morality needs to be reconsidered and a family should be out of the picture because it is the source of neurosis and oppression of sexuality. 
 Proof. Igor Kon is an active member of the movement for homosexual rights. He is now the “scientific” director of sex education programs, but made his scientific career in Marxist philosophy. 
 If you look back to history, you will find that the production of condoms began with an order from the director of Soviet Secret police in 1939, which was also Stalin’s killing machine. 
 The old links of those communists helped Planned Parenthood penetrate into the state health organization and to submit them to the goals of Planned Parenthood. It happens often that state bureaucrats are also members of Planned Parenthood and worked in state hospitals and health organizations in the past. Today Russian Planned Parenthood has 52 branches all over the country. In the beginning of their existence they quickly lobbied to receive the state’s money and for taxpayers to feed them. Last year corporate work of pro-life organizations forced our Parliament to refuse to give money to Planned Parenthood. It means that the pro-life movement has become influential in our country.
 In spite of some success we are under pressure from PP and the feminists. The leader of the Russian feminists knows the President and feminists are influential in our country in general. They distribute absurd rumors about the pro-life movement: that we kill physicians, that we receive money from abroad and stop women from having abortions for the sake of selling their children. Some of them even say that our propaganda stimulates women to commit suicide.
 Yet the number of pro-lifers is slowly growing, in spite of the fact that it is impossible to ban abortions now. We want to remove social indications and to stop government policy on “family planning”.

Priest Maxim Oboukhov, 
Director of educational center “Zhizn” (Life), 
Moscow, Russia - March 1999

article translated from Russian and posted in English at

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Concerning the Rebirth of Russia:
We Must Stop Killing Our Own Children
by Protopriest Demetry Smirnov (Russia)

What is the cause of the difficulties that we, as a nation (Russia), are now experiencing? Why is the richest country in the world found almost at the verge of poverty? Are Gorbachev, Stalin, or Lenin at fault? No, this is the punishment of God. The earth can no longer endure the horrible lawlessness that is done on it. Now much is said concerning the rebirth of Russia. Where should we begin it? In order to regenerate the economy, culture, and morality, we must stop doing the most terrible sins. And there is nothing more terrible than infanticide. We must stop killing our own children!

With this, it would seem that more mouths will appear. Of course; but food is not grown by a peasant or a farmer, but by the Lord. The peasant only sows and reaps, and tries to somehow preserve the harvest. But the Lord gives it and grows it. People calculate so: “I will give birth to one, and not give birth to seven others—and I will live better. Because if I gave birth to eight children, I would have eight times less food and clothing.” In reality it comes out differently. The blood of the killed infants falls on the entire generation of the murderer. A child is born, but the crime of the parents already weighs heavily over him, and from this sin children usually become uncontrollable. This is why a family will struggle with the one child that they left alive more than they would have struggled with eight… A child is formed with the influence of his environment. Before people were more healthy morally, but who surrounds the child now? The father and mother are murderers of a brother or sister. An aunt comes to visit—the aunt is also a murderess. There is a grandmother—and the grandmother is also a murderess. All are murderers. How will the children grow?

Protopriest Demetry Smirnov
from A Sermon on the Day of the Infants Slain in Bethlehem
translated from Russian, from

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Orthodox Church Backs Anti-Abortion Bill in Russia
news article published in Moscow, November 2011

Women of all ages used to fill gynecologist Lyubov Yerofeyeva's Soviet state clinic, lined up by the dozen for back-to-back abortions. "It was more common to take sick days for an abortion than for a cold in those days," she said.

Two decades after the Soviet Union's collapse, wider availability of contraception and a resurgence of religion have reduced the numbers of abortions overall, but termination remains the top method of birth control in Russia.

Its abortion rate -- 1.3 million, or 73 per 100 births in 2009 -- is the world's highest.

Backed by the Russian Orthodox Church, an influential anti-abortion lobby is driving a moral crusade to tighten legislation and shift public attitudes that are largely a legacy of the Soviet era.

Adding to the debate is the Russian government's effort to reverse a population decline caused by low birth rates combined with very high death rates. With Russians dying nearly twice as fast as they are born, the United Nations predicts that by 2050 its population will shrink by almost one fifth to 116 million.

At the heart of the debate is an amendment to Russia's law on health that is all but guaranteed to pass in the lower house after it was approved in a critical second of three readings on Oct. 21.

The law would cap abortions at 12 weeks, impose a waiting period of up to one week from initial consultations and require women over six weeks pregnant to see the embryo on ultrasound, hear its heartbeat and have counseling to determine how to proceed.

"Our two main motives are the fact that Russia is dying out and our religious tradition. We cannot forget our faith," Yelena Mizulina, chair of the family issues committee that fielded the law, told Reuters. "Despite the long Communist period, it is seen as murder, as a violation of the ten commandments."

Russia's sharp demographic crisis, she said, adds to the urgency. "America is not threatened with extinction, it can afford to be more lenient," Mizulina said.


The government has worked hard to foster a baby boom, honoring big families at pomp-filled Kremlin events, offering subsidies to parents with more than one child and even raffling off cars to women who give birth on the national holiday.

Experts say only migration can help plug the demographic black hole, but that is a solution with potentially explosive side effects given the country's ethnic tensions.

Fear that mostly Muslim migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus will replace a dwindling ethnic Russian populace have helped fuel the Orthodox Church's newly vocal role on abortion and other issues since the demise of the atheist Soviet Union.

One of the prominent personalities promoting the Church's position on the issue is Russia's devout first lady Svetlana Medvedeva, whose Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives held a national week-long campaign in July dubbed "Give Me Life!"

Such initiatives have sparked protests. More than 150 human rights and feminist groups signed a global petition against the measures last month, while others have staged rallies in Moscow.

But the Church says Russians are ready to see more limits.

"Attitudes are clearly changing swiftly and should be reflected in politics and the law," spokesman Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said. In a first victory for the anti-abortion camp, lawmakers approved legislation in July requiring abortion advertisements to carry health warnings.

Nevertheless, stricter rules -- requiring parental consent for young women under 18 or spousal approval for married women and eliminating state support for abortions -- were left off the new draft bill after polls showed them to be unpopular, Mizulina said.

One of the next steps, she said, is banning over-the-counter sales of the so-called morning-after pill -- which she called "poison".

The Soviet Union was the first country to legalize abortion, in 1920, but dictator Josef Stalin outlawed it in 1936, seeking to boost births, and it was illegal until after his 1955 death.
By Alissa de Carbonnel
MOSCOW, Nov. 8, 2011

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'The Silent Scream' Video Documentary
referred to by Geronda Ephraim in his homily posted above