Teacher & Educational Resources

Aboriginal Australia Wall Map   ASP

Aboriginal Australia: An Introductory Reader  Bourke et al  UQP   

Aboriginal Australians: Fourth Edition  Richard Broome  A&U 

Teaching Aboriginal Studies: Second edition  Rhonda Craven  A&U  

Australian Aboriginal Words in English: Their Origin & Meaning   Dixon et al  

Australian Museum - Aboriginal History 

Being Black : Aboriginal Cultures in 'Settled' Australia        Ian Keen  ASP  

Children's Language & Multilingualism : Indigenous Language Use at Home & School         Simpson/Wigglesworth   Continuum 

Christmas is Deadly: Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Christmas celebrations  Blackline Publications  

Contexts of Child Development  Robinson et al Charles Darwin University Press  

Disciplining the Savages, Savaging the Disciplines   Martin Nakata  ASP   

Easter is Deadly: Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Easter celebrations   Blackline Publications  

Everything Comes from the Land: Poster  M K Turner  IAD Press 

From the Centre to the City: Aboriginal education, culture and power   Kevin Keeffe  ASP Ebook

Indij Readers - Three Series & Teacher Guides

Indigenous Education & the Adventure of Insight  Neil Harrison Post Pressed  $49.95 

Indigenous Issues in Australian Universities: Research, Teaching, Support    Frawley et al  Charles Darwin Univ Press   

Introductory Indigenous Studies in Education: The Importance of Knowing     Phillips/Lampert Pearsons

Keeping the Connection: Water, country, spirit   Blackline Productions  

Language & Culture in Aboriginal Australia  Walsh/Yallop  ASP  

The Little Red Yellow Black Book: An introduction to Indigenous Australia - Third Edition  Bruce Pascoe/AIATSIS   ASP

NPWS - DECC Aboriginal Publications

Planning for Country  Fiona Walsh IAD  

Please Knock Before Entering: Aboriginal regulation of Outsiders & the Implications for researchers    Karen Martin     Post Pressed

The Power Of Knowledge, The Resonance Of Tradition  Henderson et al   ASP  

Reform & Resistance in Aboriginal Education  Beresford & Partington  UWAP  

Social Determinants of Indigenous Health Carson/Dunbar  A&U  

Survival: A History of Aboriginal Life in NSW  Nigel Parbury  BofS 

Teaching & Learning in Indigenous Education   Neil Harrison  OUP  

They Took the Children  David Hollinsworth  WTP  

Two Way Aboriginal Schooling: Education & Cultural Survival  Stephen Harris  ASP Ebook