Literature, Poetry & Plays

Listed below are novels, plays & poetry titles by Aboriginal authors or titles which have a depiction of indigenous experience as the main topic. Children's & young adult novels are listed in the Main Book List K-12. 

Fresh Cuttings  Abbey & Phillips  UQP  

Skins: Contemporary Indigenous Writing  Akiwenzie-Damm et al   Jukurrpa Books

Blak Inside: Enuff/Don't Wanna Play   Tammy Anderson  Currency

Watershed   Fabi Bayet-Charlton  IAD Press

Finding Ullagundahi Island     Fabi Bayet-Charlton   A&U

Home: A Novel   Larissa Behrendt  UQP

Legacy   Larissa Behrendt   UQP

Dreaming in Urban Areas  Lisa Bellear   UQP

Ngarla Songs  Alexander Brown   FACP

Raukkan & Other Poems  Margaret Brusnahan  Magabala

Ngara: Living in this Place Now  Burke/Langford  Five Island Press

Bran Nue Dae  Jimmy Chi   Currency

Bitin' Back  Vivienne Cleven  UQP

Her Sister's Eye  Vivienne Cleven  UQP

Contemporary Indigenous Plays  Vivienne Cleven  Currency

The Circuit    Cole et al   Currency

Barungin   Jack Davis   Currency

In Our Town   Jack Davis   Currency

No Sugar   Jack Davis   Currency

Honey Spot   Jack Davis  Currency

Untreated: Poems by Black Writers  Josie Douglas  IAD Press

Whispers of this Wik Woman  Fiona Doyle  UQP

Little Eva at Moonlight Creek  Duwell/Dixon(eds)  UQP

Crow Feathers   Rebecca Edwards  Black Ink

Seven Stages of Grieving  Enoch/Mailman  PlayLab

Moongalba     Janelle Evans   Ibis Publishing

Up the Road   John Harding   Currency

Stolen   Jane Harrison  Currency

I'm Not Racist But...    Anita Heiss   Salt Publishing

Not Meeting Mr Right   Anita Heiss  Bantam

Avoiding Mr Right    Anita Heiss    Bantam

Manhattan Dreaming    Anita Heiss    Bantam

Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature  Heiss/Minter  A&U 

Skin Painting  Elizabeth Hodgson  UQP

Anonymous Premonition   Yvette Holt  UQP

Yanagai! Yanagai!   Andrea James   Currency

Black Mary & Gunjies   Julie Janson   ASP

The Striped World    Emma Jones   Faber & Faber

Me, Antman & Fleabag   Gayle Kennedy   UQP

Shadow Lines   Stephen Kinnane   FACP

The Mish  Richard Lowe  UQP

Mullumbimby  Melissa Lucashenko   UQP

Killing Darcy   Melissa Lucashenko   UQP

Steam Pigs   Melissa Lucashenko    UQP

Too Flash    Melissa Lucashenko    IAD Press

Hard Yards    Melissa Lucashenko   UQP

Scream Black Murder   Philip McLaren   Magabala

Sweet Water - Stolen Land   Philip McLaren   Magabala

There'll be New Dreams   Philip McLaren   Magabala

Close to the Bone    Ned Manning   Currency

Post Me to the Prime Minister   Romaine Moreton  IAD Press

Rimfire   Moreton et al   Magabala

My Place    Sally Morgan   FACP

Wild Cat Falling   Mudrooroo   Harper Collins

Promised Land   Mudrooroo   Harper Collins 

Every Secret Thing    Marie Munkara  UQP

Radiance     Louis Nowra   Currency

My People   Oodgeroo   Wiley

Just Like That    Charmaine Papertalk-Green    FACP

Dead Heart   Nick Parsons   Currency 

Earth   Bruce Pascoe     Magabala    

Ruby-Eyed Coucal    Bruce Pascal   Magabala

Shark    Bruce Pascoe   Magabala

Caprice   Doris Pilkington   UQP

Message Stick      Kerry Gilbert-Reed    IAD Press

Black Woman Black Life   Kerry Gilbert-Reed   Wakefield Press

Talkin' About Country   Kerry Gilbert-Reed   Kuracca Press

That Deadman Dance  Kim Scott Pan Macmillan

Benang    Kim Scott    FACP

True Country    Kim Scott    FACP

Sojourn on Another Planet   Nancy Sheppard  Self Published

Winds   Alf Taylor   Magabala

Long time Now   Alf Taylor   Magabala

Smoke Encrypted Whispers   Samuel Wagan Watson  UQP 

Of Muse, Meandering &  Midnight  Samuel Wagan Watson  UQP

Itinerant Blues  Samual Wagan Watson  UQP 

Going Home   Archie Weller   A&U

Unbranded   Herb Wharton  UQP

Us Mob Walawurru   Wilyuka/Spillman    Magabala

Swallow the Air   Tara June Winch   UQP

Carpentaria   Alexis Wright   Giramondo

Plains of Promise   Alexis Wright   UQP

Writing + Criticism

Blacklines: contemporary critical writing by Indigenous Australians   Ian Anderson & Michele Grossman  MUP  

Black Writers, White Editors: episodes of collaboration and compromise in Australian publishing history   Jennifer Jones  Aust Scholarly Publishing

Paperbark: A collection of Black Australian writing  Adam Shoemaker  UQP  

Black Words White Page: Aboriginal Literature 1929-1988   Adam Shoemaker  ANU e-Press 

Writing Never Arrives Naked: Early Aboriginal cultures of writing in Australia   Penny Van Toorn    ASP  

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