Boogie For Christmas

My  first CD!

My first CD! All songs are free to download. I hope you like them.

They really are free to download and listen to. I just hope you enjoy them. I'd love to hear from you. Which ones do you like, and why? Which ones can't you stand, and why?

(I know they're not perfect, but it's kinda like you're listening to me play the piano. Please keep in mind I'm relatively new to recording. Some are better than others, and I'm gaining confidence.)

All songs are released under Creative Commons. If you want to use them for commercial, or derivative works, please Request Permission.


 These are high quality MP3's, encoded at 192 kbps, fixed bit rate.


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Liner Notes

Boogie For Christmas Liner Notes:

Dedicated to my father and mother, Oran and Nadean Green, and my wife Susan.

All songs were recorded in Propellerhead's Reason 4 software by Leland Green...
Copyright (c) 2008 by Leland Green... All Rights Reserved.

Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. See for details. All are free for reuse, including copying, as long as you attribute the origin to me and link to my page for this CD, which is

I generally play the song all the way through on the piano, then go back and add other instruments, playing them individually. I don't have actual printouts of my arrangements, but work from the chords and improvise as I go. Some of the songs use a drum machine, with patterns I programmed myself. However, sometimes I just play the drums by hand. I usually like those better. (Everything is played from a midi keyboard.) Most use some type of EQ (in addition to a mixer).

All of this was done within Reason 4.0. If you'd like more information on Reason, visit the product page on the web at:


  1. Deck the Halls with Boogie Woogie - Traditional Melody, Arranged by Leland Green... - 1:37
        This was the first recorded Christmas boogie that I let anyone else hear. I think it was also the first one that I played. So it seems appropriate that my first CD should have this as the first track. :) However, it's probably my least favorite, mostly because of the mix. I think the drums are too loud. (I may change that online, but it's committed to the CD, now.)
  2. Jingle Bells-A-Boogie - Traditional Melody, Arranged by Leland Green... - 3:49
        This was another early favorite of mine. Eveyone knows "Jingle Bell Rock", but I always thought a "Jingle Bell Boogie" would be just as good, or even better. So far I like it. How about you?
  3. The First Noel - Traditional Melody, Arranged by Leland Green... - 2:58
        I wanted at least one slower piece, and more traditional, so this is it. I orchestrated it, using only the Orkester Sound Bank that comes with Reason 4. (That's not a typo - that's what it's named.)
  4. Boogie Moogie on the Rooftop - Traditional Melody, Arranged by Leland Green... - 1:46
        This is not a typo. It's a pun on the words "Moog", which was an early brand of analog synthesizer, named after the inventer Bob Moog. Two of the instruments used in Reason are based on a Moog synthesizer. One of those, from Sonic Reality uses samples of an actual Moog Mini.
  5. Maple Leaf Rag - 3:05
        Written by Scott Joplin in 1899
        This is ragtime, not boogie, and not Christmas. However, ragtime is certainly one of the forefathers of boogie woogie. This is also the song that got me started playing piano again. I took lessons starting when I was 7. I think we (my brother Barry and I) studied for 5 years. Then we got tired of practicing, so quit lessons. (Although I don't think I quit playing, I just didn't practice regularly.) It was only a couple of years later that I heard a guy at summer camp play the Maple Leaf Rag. I determined then and there that I'd learn to play that song, and probably some other ragtime. I bought the music for it that same year and kept at it. It was the most complex music I'd ever tackled, and it took me a while. I guess I needed the challenge, though, because I've been playing ever since. So it just seems appropriate to include this on my first CD, too. Besides, everyone likes it!
  6. (The Original "Pine Top") Boogie Woogie - 3:18
        Written by Clarence "Pine Top" Smith - Published 1929
        This was the first song published with "Boogie Woogie" in the title. It was originally published in 1929. I've been playing it since 1976. This was in a book that I bought in 1976. I always liked the boogies we played, but I'd never tackled a "real" version. (We played children's boogies before that.) So this was another challenge. It's still one of my favorites, too. I don't play it exactly like it's written, but it's pretty close. I just improvised the drums on this one, too.
  7. Winter Wonder Boogie - Traditional Melody, Arranged by Leland Green... - 2:15
        I remember playing this song for the class in fourth grade. But it was a (much) simpler version, and wasn't boogie-fied. I had a lot of fun with this one. It's harder to play than you might think, and took a lot of work, too. Mostly because of the boogie bass line in the G and E chords. (Not sure that I've seen that combination in a boogie before, but surely I'm not the first to use it.)
  8. We Wish You A Boogie Christmas - Traditional Melody, Arranged by Leland Green... - 2:24
        Just another boogie version of a song you all know. It seems fitting to close the CD with this one. I manually played the drums on this one. (That's probably a bit too obvious in places.:)

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All works by Leland Green... are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
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