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In the picture - great grandchildren of Pantaleon Saluper Abonitalla                                                                       .

The first people surnamed Abonitalla settled in Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City during the 1800s. There were three sets of siblings by three brothers whose forbears were from Luzon, Philippines - probably from the province of Nueva Ecija. The original surname was JABONITALLA. But the majority of the surname group dropped the J and adopted the surname Abonitalla. The last of the siblings who carried the original surname were Donata Jabonitalla, who married Rustico Agawin and a sister, Paula Jabonitalla married to Vicente Yaranon. People with the surname Jabonitalla continue to live up to the present in Nueva Ecija, La Union and in Candon, Sta. Cruz and Santiago, Ilocos Sur. The last descendants who carried the middle name were Clodualdo Jabonitalla Yaranon> http://varpackbox.com/family_tree/nacalaban_-_yamut_family_tree <Isabel Jabonitalla Yaranon and Emilia Jabonitalla Yaranon. Jabonitalla surname was then  a popular name derived from Espanol which meant perfumery, only it was spelled jabonitalia (for Italian soap). Whichever was their reason, they decided on Abonitalla as their legal surname.

The three brothers who came to settle in Kauswagan (then known as "Balangay sa Balahutao") were: Faustino, Ignacio and the third had probable name Bonifacio. They have this custom of resurrecting the names of their forbears, for presently there are descendants named after them. The father of the three would also have probable first name Juan.

The basis for this was that sometime ago, there were persons who came to Kauswagan and asked some information about properties purportedly owned by Juan Jabonitalla which they claimed were in the Commonwealth government  archives or somewhere in the Spanish government records.


Faustino Abonitalla

Faustino Abonitalla was married to Cristina Saluper and not long after they left Kauswagan and settled in the town of Balingasag. Their family and descendants were knitted close to each other and later spread to the near town of Lagonglong and much later in Claveria. A member of their side of the family returned to reside in Cagayan de Oro City and became very prominent, He was Dr. Gerardo Abonitalla Sabal, who later served in the City Council. Another family member was a government employee (a teacher actually and later Elem. School Principal) originally from Claveria who moved his family to the city and some of his heirs are now in Barangay Nazareth or all through out the city. Folk stories also were often heard that other relatives ventured in the city like the then owner of Erlinda Store and a member of the Chacon family but this writer did not have first hand accounts. 

For purposes of presentation, and for the folks in Kauswagan and elsewhere, the following large families and clans were the sons and daughters of Faustino Abonitalla and Cristina Saluper who in the beginning settled in the eastern part of Misamis Oriental. The members of their branch of the family tree are now all over the country and the world. Source:  http://abonitalla.com/ (see "about" and "reunions")

    1. Juan Abonitalla Clan
    2. Teodorico Abonitalla Clan
    3. Petra ‘Olis’ Abonitalla-Llausas Clan
    4. Bonifacio Abonitalla Clan
    5. Felicitas Abonitalla – Sabal Clan
    6. Eusebia Abonitalla – Ellevera Clan

Bonifacio Abonitalla 

Bonifacio Abonitalla was one of the brothers who sticked it out in Kauswagan. He married Segundina "Nanay Tunding" Saluper. Nanay Tunding had a brother who married a lady from Australia named Anne Brown. Only very recently somebody has posted that Santiago Saluper is the name (the brother of Nanay Tunding) who married an Australian and was in fact the father of Iyo Juanie Saluper who lived long enough with us in Kauswagan that we had so much time to be acquainted. For the sake of those who did not see him, he had a caucasian physical profile and looked every inch like a foreigner. His sons Oliver and Gregory were our friends although we see them infrequently. We also knew his daughters Luzminda and Eva Saluper cause we considered them neighbors during the time only very few people resided in Kauswagan. Iyo Juanie had two other children from previous marriage. They were Roland Saluper who left Kauswagan and the other was married to Lagsa family, the only one heir I know was Romualdo Saluper Lagsa, a Geodetic Engineer (Lagsa Surveying Office).

I knew for a fact that Iyo Juanie had a sister or two. One was Iya Boning Saluper who married the famous Rodriguez family of Gingoog City and her son became its past City Mayor. By some accounts, I also knew the Former Governor Ruthie De Lara Guingona is a relative from that branch of the family tree. This bit of information were confirmed by the sons Oliver and Gregory.

It is not clear however if Nanay Tunding was a sister or cousin of Cristina, the wife of Faustino, but there's a strong possibility that they were sisters, given that they were original settlers of Kauswagan. 

Bonifacio had three sons and two daughters. It is of interest how the Abonitalla siblings got into intimacy and intermarriage with the Salcedo surname (also original settlers of Kauswagan):

The Siblings:

    Vicente Saluper Abonitalla - married to Miang Labis.        They had an only heir - Juan Labis Abonitalla,                married to "Mening" Nagac 

    Pantaleon Saluper Abonitalla - married to (1) Eugenia         Ramonal of Bayabas, CdO (2) Fruoctuosa "Nanay         Tutay" Sambaan Daba. 

        Particularly, a member of the Balingasag                       families, Tiyo Langgoy Llausas would visit us in            Kauswagan in the past. We also knew he was a            son of Iya Olis and that Iya Olis was a first cousin         of my Lolo.

    Martino Saluper Abonitalla - married to Atanacia                                                     Pactolerin                                (I clearly remember Uyong Martino was a one-                eyed Eskrimador, the forerunner of Arnis de                 mano)
    Ramona Saluper Abonitalla - married to                                                                 Elias  Salcedo
    Epifania Saluper Abonitalla - married to Julian                                                          Salcedo

I don't consider it funny, but my Lolo Pantaleon also named his eldest son Faustino; another son by his second marriage named Bonifacio. I myself have a younger brother named Bonifacio. Now if you don't call that amusing.. lol..  (The main writer of this article, now aged 64 is a grandson of Pantaleon S. Abonitalla by Segundo Daba Abonitalla and Gerarda Ebanalo Salcedo).

Also, during my roaming younger days, i chanced upon the household of Mr. Dioscoro Abonitalla and met him personally in Dumarait. That was way back in 1974 when i was employed with the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (former BAECON)
in a Farming Households Survey. There i learned that Dioscoro also had a son - a boxer named Faustino. That was also the office where i came to work with Dante Llausas and we learned about our Abonitalla Connections.lol.. We even went to eat and drink in Dante's in-laws house in Salay. I also happen to have slept in a tall house in Baliwagan in relation to my work as Data Enumerator. It was owned by the Salvacion family who acknowledged they were Abonitalla descendants, or there was also Sarbaleon. Not long after when I was working at DepED, I used to patronize the eatery of Dondon Salvacion and we got acquainted. Most of the contents here are my personal knowledge and experiences.

The Grandchildren of the Three Brothers:

Actually you'll find here the names of descendants of the two brothers who lived in Kauswagan, but it is hoped that with the availability of records from trusted sources it will amount to all the three. 

Grandchildren of Bonifacio

by Vicente Saluper Abonitalla and  Miang Labis.  

      1. Juan Labis Abonitalla  married to "Mening"                                                     Nagac 

by Pantaleon Saluper Abonitalla and Vicenta Ramonal 

      1. Faustino Ramonal Abonitalla  married to Rufina                                                 Abasolo                             2Vedasto Ramonal Abonitalla  married to Rustica                                                Jadap                            by Pantaleon and Fruoctuosa "Nanay Tutay"                                                             Sambaan Daba. 

      1.  Andrea Daba Abonitalla  married to Tomas                            "Gaga"                           Raagas                     2.  Bonifacio Daba Abonitalla  unmarried   

      3.  Modesto Daba Abonitalla  married to Clara                                                     Ebanalo                            4.  Segundo Daba Abonitalla  married to Gerarda                                                 Salcedo                      by Martino Saluper Abonitalla and Atanacia Pactolerin

      1. Vicenta Pactolerin Abonitalla  married to _ _                                                     Olape                                 2Crisencio Pactolerin Abonitalla  married to                                                    Gaga Mabaylan                    3Ruffa Pactolerin Abonitalla  married to Manuel                                                   Tribunal                            4Serapia Pactolerin Abonitalla  married to - -  1)                           - - Patenio     2) Francisco Mabunay            5Dionesia Pactolerin Abonitalla  married to                                                         Gerardo Hiso                 by Ramona Saluper Abonitalla and Elias Salcedo

      1Patricio Abonitalla Salcedo  married to                                                                                                         2Cristobal Abonitalla Salcedo  married to _ _                                                               Gaboa                         3. Eugenio Abonitalla Salcedo  married to _ _                                                                                                 4- - - Abonitalla Salcedo  married to _ _                       (daughters: Resureccion Salcedo Obenza &                                    Cecilia Salcedo Roa)                                                                        by Epifania Saluper Abonitalla and Julian Salcedo

      1. Lucia "Mama Lulay" Abonitalla Salcedo                                                          married to - - Baconga           2. Januaria Abonitalla Salcedo  married to Benito                                Echem (Baungon, Imbatug, Buk.)             3. Juan Abonitalla Salcedo  married to Puring - -                                                                                               4. Domingo Abonitalla Salcedo  married to _ Ramos                                                                                        5Francisco Abonitalla Salcedo  married to _ Ma                                                     Enang                           6- - -  Abonitalla Salcedo  married to _   Jadap           

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Ignacio Abonitalla

Ignacio was the other brother who opted to stay in Kauswagan. He married  __ surnamed
Amil (first name still subject for verification) Their children were:

    Jose Amil Abonitalla - married to Isadora Salcedo

    Canuto Amil Abonitalla - married an American                woman, had children, lived and died in the USA.            This writer has tried to search Abonitallas through         the US names databases and found some entries         but hard to verify. Also there are already many                immigrants from the Philippines carrying our                surname.

    Donata Amil Jabonitalla - married to Rustico Agawin.

    Paula Amil Jabonitalla - married to Vicente Yaranon

    Tecla Amil Abonitalla - married to Alejandro                                                    Agawin.
    Justa Amil Abonitalla - married to Jorge Salcedo
The spouses of all siblings surnamed Salcedo came from only one family, the heirs of Fulgencio Salcedo, a Spanish mestizo.

Grandchildren of Ignacio

    by Jose Amil Abonitalla and Isadora Salcedo

    1Vicenta Salcedo Abonitalla   married to - -                                                           Pablo Nagac                           2. Jacinta Salcedo Abonitalla  married to                                                              Roque Chaves                          3. Casimiro Salcedo Abonitalla  married to - -                  (late Pa Miro as he is called is the Patriarch of the          Abonitalla families at Barra, Opol                                   4. Maxima Salcedo Abonitalla  married to                                                              Torres Baculio                     5. Uldarico Salcedo Abonitalla  married to Boning                                                              Yare                            6. Adelia Salcedo Abonitalla  married to                                            1) - - Labitad  2)  Silvino  Daculan               7Jose Salcedo Abonitalla II  married to - - Naguita                                                                   8. Regina Salcedo Abonitalla  married to Cipriano                                                        Daba                                 9. Gorgonio Salcedo Abonitalla  married to Matilde                                                      Pimentel                  10Lea Salcedo Abonitalla   married to David                                                                Alcarde         11. Lino Salcedo Abonitalla  married to  Cecilia                                                       "Tating" Cabactulan                12. Olympia Salcedo Abonitalla  married to _                                                                 Saarenas       

by Justa Amil Abonitalla and Jorge Salcedo

      1Eustaquia Abonitalla Salcedo  married to - -                                                                                                      2. Eustiquio Abonitalla Salcedo  married to                                                              Natividad Daang                       3. Julian Abonitalla Salcedo  married to Sasing                                                         Zaballero                      4. Diosdado Abonitalla Salcedo  married to                                                              Josefa - -                                5. Emiliana Abonitalla Salcedo  married to _  Diaz                                                                                             6Pepita Abonitalla Salcedo  married to  - -                                                                       Magdale                      7Euprefis Abonitalla Salcedo  married to                                                       Tony Tangcongco                           8Lelis Abonitalla Salcedo  married to - -                                                         Cheng (Malaybalay City)                  9Isidra Abonitalla Salcedo  married to Mario  Nery

     10. Francisco Abonitalla Salcedo

by Donata Amil Jabonitalla and Rustico Agawin

      1Filomena Abonitalla Agawin  married to Lorenzo                                                       Miguel                           2. Fautela Abonitalla Agawin  married to  Claudio                                                            Bagas                            3. Felipe Abonitalla Agawin  married to                                                                                                       4. Leonardo Abonitalla Agawin  married to Josefina                                                           Romualdo                   5. Laling Abonitalla Agawin  married to David                                                                 Cabactulan           

    by Paula Amil Jabonitalla and Vicente Yaranon

      1Clodualdo Jabonitalla Yaranon  married to  -         http://varpackbox.com/family_tree/nacalaban_-_yamut_family_tree                                                               2. Isabel Jabonitalla Yaranon  married to  - - Lorono                                                                                            3. Emilia Jabonitalla Yaranon  married to Protacio                                                             -                       

        (others - to be published)