Links & Resources

  • Information, timelines, and links to the memos themselves:
Accountability for Torture (ACLU) 
The Torture Archive (George Washington University)
- The Torture Timeline (Foreign Policy)
  • The Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) Report and Related Documents:
- OPR Final Report, released 02/19/2010
- Memorandum for the Attorney General, by David Margolis
- Drafts and related documents 
  • Other organizations working for torture accountability:
Alliance for Justice
- Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Committee Against Torture (NLG, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)
  • BLOGs with news and commentary on the torture memos and related issues:
- American Constitution Society Blog
Glenn Greenwald
Legal Ethics Forum
  • For BAAT related news and commentary, visit our Press Coverage page.
  • Other news and commentary on the torture memos and related issues: 
  • Selected bibliography
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