40. Evolutionary Tree of ABO and Related Genes (2008)


Thanks to the Human Genome Project and the genome sequencing projects of other species of organisms, the number of other sequenced ABO and related genes has increased to 144 genes from 31 species. A phylogenetic tree of those genes was constructed and is shown. In addition to the ABO genes (A/B transferases), GGTA1 genes (α1-3 Gal transferases), A3GALT2 genes (isogloboside 3 synthases), and GBGT1 genes (Forssman glycolipid synthases) previously identified, another group of genes formed a cluster and were named as GLT6D1 (glycosyltransferase 6 domain containing 1) genes. It remains to be determined whether any genes in this group may encode active enzymes that transfer galactose, GalNAc, or both by α1-3 glycosidic linkage.

41. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (2008)

01. ABO Blood Group System