38. Evolutionary Tree of ABO and Related Genes (2001)


In addition to the analysis of primate ABO genes, we also cloned cDNAs from porcine and murine ABO genes (Yamamoto and Yamamoto, 2001; Yamamoto et al., 2001). We demonstrated that the murine gene is well-conserved within the species and encodes an enzyme with both A and B transferase activity in the in vitro assay (although A antigens are primarily synthesized in vivo). Pigs (porcine genes) exhibit AO polymorphism. Our study showed that the most, if not all of the structural gene is missing in type O pigs, and therefore, inadvertent expression of an A antigen in xenotransplanted tissues/organs from O pigs will be unlikely. Based on our studies, we constructed an evolutionary tree of ABO and related genes. Those related genes included α1-3 Gal transferase genes that synthesize α1-3 Gal epitope from mouse, pig, and cow samples, and a Forssman synthase gene that had been cloned from dog by that time. The murine and porcine ABO genes clustered with the human ABO genes, rather than with the α1-3 Gal transferase genes and the Forssman synthase gene. 


39. Partial Amino Acid Sequence Comparison (2001)

01. ABO Blood Group System