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Marshal Tyres Any Good

marshal tyres any good
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Dallas Cup: Knowsley V Lonestar
Dallas Cup: Knowsley V Lonestar
Now in its 20th year, Knowsley have sent an under 19 representative football squad to the Dallas Cup every year since 1991. Body The project provides health, fitness, education, discipline and life long learning experiences. It also provides the opportunity for members of the squad to experience different and diverse communities and cultures. 23rd March 2010 Knowsley 3 - 0 Lonestar Venue – McMaster Field, Georgetown Weather conditions - sunny Match Report Team Lonestar found themselves up against the real Knowsley squad, who were a vast improvement on their last performance in New York and a well marshalled defence saw the Lonestar attacks dealt with in a strong and confident manner. Knowsley started well and for the first 15 minutes kept possession and passed the ball well without any problems from the Lonestar team. Using the wide pitch to their advantage and with good wing play from Carl Peers and Anthony Dunleavy, Knowsley created many chances and came close several times but could not gain an advantage. Just before the break in the 37th minute fine play from Anthony Dunleavy saw him weave past the defenders into the box and pass the ball to an un-marked Anthony Carr who fired the ball into the net to give Knowsley the lead which they kept to the half time break. The second half carried on the same way with Knowsley again passing the ball around neatly, coming close to scoring on a couple of occasions and producing a good save from the Lonestar keeper. Knowsley’s coach decided to make changes in the 67th minute as the players tired in the 75 degree heat, and this gave Knowsley new life. In the 73rd minute that Knowsley scored a deserved 2nd goal through Gary Williams’ headed goal. Knowsley were now in control, playing some excellent football, and in the 78th minute Michael Massey showed a moment of brilliance on the edge of the box, and using superb technique stroked the ball past the keeper and into the top corner of the goal to cap a much better performance. Another win has brought the lads closer together now which is good preparation for the match against another Lonestar Soccer Team on Thursday.
A group of marshals looking after Top Paddock at Shelsley Walsh poses for the camera.

marshal tyres any good
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