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Canadian Tire Loans

canadian tire loans
    canadian tire
  • Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is one of Canada's 35 largest publicly traded companies and operates an inter-related network of businesses engaged in retailing (hardgoods, apparel and petroleum) and services (financial and automotive).
  • (loan) the temporary provision of money (usually at interest)
  • An act of lending something to someone
  • (loan) loanword: a word borrowed from another language; e.g. `blitz' is a German word borrowed into modern English
  • A thing that is borrowed, esp. a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest
  • (loan) lend: give temporarily; let have for a limited time; "I will lend you my car"; "loan me some money"

In the brave CRX
In the brave CRX
I loaned them my car - they brought it back a few months later with new tires and brakes, after a thorough going-over by the Canadian authorities.

canadian tire loans
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